Fall Traditions #1: Autumn Color

Autumn Color at Firefly lake
Beautiful Autumn Color at Firefly Lake

Fall Tradition #1: Our Wedding!

Where do I begin? Our biggest fall tradition is our annual trip North to celebrate our wedding anniversary. H and I were married on 10/04/2008. It was the most incredible day. The sun was shinning all day. It reached about 68-70 degree’s that afternoon, and the evening smelled of leaves, sweet grass, and maple tree’s. I remember it like it was yesterday. Of course I picked early October for a wedding day because I wanted the Autumn Color to be the background of our special day.

After the wedding we were gifted a week in Eagle River from my amazing in-laws. I was so exhausted I think I slept the first 3 days. We stayed at Lake Forest Resort, in Eagle River, WI. At the time I never knew what a tradition it would become. We have been coming back every fall since.

Fall Tradition #2: School and Football

Kids in front of the Cordova

I have always loved all the fall traditions. I even enjoyed going back to school as a child. We lived in the country and that meant just my brother and I for almost all summer. We could bike to town, and often did, but it was a long way, and had multiple hills both ways.

Growing up we lived in the Kettle Moraine area in central Wisconsin, and of course it has lots of rolling hills. It’s an amazing area, but brutal on a young kid with a bike, especially when it’s hot and you’re headed for the beach to cool off.

Elkhart Lake pre party
Look at that bar in the back of that Delta 88.

Every fall heading back to school meant football, cheerleading, and getting to see my friends. I loved it. Friday night lights were a huge fall tradition. I was a cheerleader and that meant supporting the team each and every Friday night.

My family is full of Badger’s. Believe it or not, football is life in Madison. We went to every single game in 1992, 1993, and 1994. My parents best friends, their children, myself, my brother, and my uncle are Badgers. Singing Varsity is life itself! We were, and are, die hard fans. Taking part of the weekend traditions as a Badger become a part of who you are.

I am of course a Packer fan, but first and foremost, I AM a Badger and Resorter. It’s who I am, not who I route for!

Fall Traditions #3: Autumn Color and Leaves

Living in the woods I always remember running up the driveway after school in a driveway full of falling leaves. My brother and I would always help every fall with all the clean up. Fall color is incredibly beautiful, but it is also a TON of work.

In fall I was usually in charge of the front hedge. It would be covered with leaves. The hedge in front of the house is probably 30 feet long if I had to guess. And I had to dig out all the leaves from the bushes. It took forever.

Fall Traditions #4: Our Anniversary Trip

Eagle Lake

So each year we have always gone back to that same area to explore, see the autumn color, relax and just unwind. We started our own fall tradition were we go north and hike, eat, Christmas shop, and just plain enjoy the Autumn Color.

We have a list of restaurants we always go back to every year like Sayner Pub, Norwood Pines, and Buckshots. Somehow, we still always manage to find new places too. There is always something new to find up north.

H and I could not always afford to stay multiple nights at the resort but in the past 5-6 years we have made it a priority, no matter what is going on! It’s that important to us! Sitting next to the blazing fireplace, with a cup of coffee or a bourbon, and watching the water on the lake is an experience.

Eagle Lake

The deer constantly graze around the property and are so close. The condo’s are spotless and the master bedroom is just like home. You can make your own meals, grill and just unwind. It’s nice to have the option to put on comfy clothes, make a drink, watch some football, stoke the fire and just chill. You can make a reservation: here!

Sunsets like these make you remember you are not in charge, and to be thankful for what you have, and not to wish for more!

Eagle Lake Sunset

Enjoy what’s left of the fall season guys! Get out there and make some memories, start a new fall tradition! ~ Amy

Steve and Miranda.   A simpler time.
H and his sister Miranda as kids.

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Fall Traditions #1: Autumn Color

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