Summer Postcard Series: MORE Thursday: Sayner Pub and Eagle River

Eagle River Post Card

It’s our last FULL day here today! I am so sad and so excited all at the same time.

#1. I can’t WAIT to get on the water today I couldn’t sleep this morning. I’ve been up since 5:30am. My normal.

#2. I am so sad we are leaving and I always have fun on our Northwoods vacations but I am always glad to also be going home to our “home” and get a little back to normal, as I always have so much to do.

This year feels different. We don’t have our little furry guys to cuddle when we get home. I guess that makes a big difference when you leave part of yourself and your family at home. The sun is just starting to kiss the island on our western side and I can already see it’s going to be a glorious day.

Today is the day we make our BIG NORTHWOODS breakfast. H always loves that. I will make cinnamon rolls, egg’s with all the fixings inside and bacon. His favorite kind of bacon. There is nothing in the world like the smell of bacon and coffee cooking and brewing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Everyone knows that.

We are headed out early to fish and then coming back in around 10 or 11 to have breakfast and swim a little. Then back out to fish. Then this afternoon we are getting fancied up and headed to one of my favorite places…. The Whitetail Inn in St. Germain for dinner. We love it so much there! I can’t wait. If you have never had their pan fried walleye, in my opinion you haven’t lived!

Anyway…….we did so much yesterday I still have stuff to share with you guys. My two favorite new stores in Eagle River and our stop for lunch.

Sayner Pub, in Sayner, WI for sure has the best wings in the state!

Inside Sayner Pub

I can’t begin to explain why I have been so in love with wings lately. Maybe it’s simply because I don’t wear lipstick every day anymore because of Covid. That seems silly but I don’t. I stopped for obvious reasons. I am in patient care every day and have to wear a mask. Now I enjoy lipgloss and EOS so much more. Wings are messy, sloppy, and can be a challenge to eat. The older I get the less I care. H has always loved wings and I can see why.

Sayner Pub Mermaid
The mermaid was carved and painted by a local artist. Isn’t she amazing AND she’s a red head YEAH!

Sayner Pub has for sure the best wings in the state. We stopped for lunch yesterday after our hike and AGAIN they were awesome. Whenever we are there it’s always packed to the gills. We stopped around 11:30am yesterday and were so surprised to be the first group at the bar, YEAH! If you haven’t been you HAVE to go! It’s worth the drive I PROMISE!!! The staff is always super nice and the food is always great.

Eagle River was BUMPIN’ yesterday!

It was so good to see. I can’t tell you all the times over the past couple decades we have been here and town has been so slow. Yesterday families where out and about spending $, eating, shopping, and drinking iced coffee. It was AWESOME to see. Big kuddo’s to see everyone enjoying Wisconsin’s great Northern towns. I have to admit I have been amazed at all the out of state plates I have been seeing. Like a TON of them. Ohio, Illinois of course, Kentucky, Florida, Iowa and more. Surprised and happy, so good for our state! We are always happy to help also. I spend some hard earned $ in town too. I have to tell you about my favorite two stores.

Cotton and Birch, Eagle River, WI

Cotton and Birch Storefront

I’ve been told by many a friend I have to go and haven’t until yesterday. It was way more than I expected. They have just plain amazing stuff. 100% my style and taste level. And right here in Eagle River. I said to H we can now move here. I just still need my subscription to Vogue and I will be 100% complete. WOW I was so impressed.

I stopped in and picked up some amazing jewelry. Home decor, gifts, shoes, bags, kimono’s, Johnny Was product (yes that’s what I said) BOHO’s biggest print artist right here! WOW. We will be back. Everyone was so incredibly nice and the prices weren’t bad at all! So in love!

Hooked & Tagged, Eagle River, WI

Hooked and Tagged Storefront

What a store! I also love the story. The owner started the brand in his dorm room in IL in 2013 and here he is today in brick and mortar. So great! It’s a great little spot. They have AMAZING hats, tee’s, and sweatshirts. I was really impressed and I am not in love with sweatshirts. I can tell you I kinda detest hoodies. If you’re gonna wear a sweatshirt I like the layered look with a great plaid flannel under a crew neck. It’s a better look BUT I get the hoodie. It’s comfortable. And they do them well! REALLY WELL!

We will be back. It is the perfect place to get Christmas and birthday gifts. I LOVE the brand and their execution of everything. I was a brand manager and director of design for two major companies in my past lives and THEY DO IT WELL! Congrats to the team here. I am impressed and so happy for you guys! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Way to go Eagle River, WI! I am so happy to see you thriving and so happy to see tourist here to support you guys! If you get up this way Wisconsin come support then and check these spots out and many many more. H doesn’t love to shop so I made it to both these places and had to stop. There are many many more great little spots to spend some money in picking up great trinkets and things to remember your trip here. It was a great afternoon between lunch at Sayner Pub and some shopping in Eagle River.

I can’t wait to hit the lake so gotta go……….have a great day. I hear the loons calling…………much luv, Aims!

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Summer Postcard Series: MORE Thursday: Sayner Pub and Eagle River

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