Our Northwoods Adventure: Part 2 of 5

One of our favorite stops in Eagle River is Buckshots Bar. They have amazing food and cocktails. The first time we stopped here was the day the stock market crashed in 2008. We were on our honeymoon and had just hiked all morning at Bond Falls in Michigan.

We were married on October 4th of 2008. It was just days before the market crashed. We were exhausted. We both had multiple friends fly in for the event and it was so much fun. On Monday we left for a week in Eagle River to recharge and just relax and see the color. Wednesday we talked to a local about a place we had never been Bond Falls, MI. If you haven’t been, you need to make plans. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Anyway……on the way home we stopped at Buckshots for a drink and something to eat.

We walked in to find the market in a terrible decent. We were alone in the bar with a bartender who was randomly a former student of my father’s. After ordering lunch we proceeded to get to know her and started doing shots with every dow drop…needless to say it was a long afternoon.

We had a great time and after all these years looking back we have a fondness for the place that has grown over time. It’s hard to believe how much of a day in history we were actually observing.

This past Saturday we stopped for lunch after getting to town. We finished the evening with a fire and watching the Packers win. As a child growing up, my parent’s fireplace seemed to be one of the true mainstays in my life. The warmth from a fire not only brings peace but also a strength and solitude to your day. It’s calming and it brings a magnificent sense of simple song to the house. The crackle and pop of the logs is all I need to relax and find peace again.

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Our Northwoods Adventure: Part 2 of 5

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