I grew up in the woods near a small town in Wisconsin during the 1970's.  As a child, my brother was my best friend.  We spent hours everyday exploring and building forts in my parent's woods.  My dad was a teacher and was able to be with us every summer.  That meant even more time outside.  As a child I learned that adventure and imagination were my keys to happiness.  I was in charge of my own destiny and if I was ever upset, or down, or someone yelled......."AMY LYNN....." I would run to the woods.  Our landscape gives us what we need to sustain our soul and find balance in this modern world.  Our traditions as Sconnies make us who we are as a people.  Our heritage and our family make us a very proud and unique people.  We are a blessed group of people but sometimes we forget how much so.  My goal is to remind you why.  And if you don't live here and need somewhere to visit...  Please come and experience what it means to be a Sconnie! I will take you to the many hidden treasures our state has to offer. Hopefully this will remind you how blessed you really are.  Life can be complicated....I want to help you remember how simple it really is! Family, sunshine, fresh air, four seasons, cool water, Friday fish, and a great old fashioned are all we really need to find HOME and a blessed life!

take a walk, grow something, go for a swim, ride your bike, swing in the hammock, pour something over ice, lite the grill, read a book, or just sit at the end of the dock with a great cup of coffee and enjoy the call of the loons!

My Philosophies
In Life!