Some days we are reminded who is in charge!

Who is in charge?

Do you guys ever have a day when you are reminded who is in charge? Yesterday was a crazy day in my daytime work life. Weird stuff happening all day. Slow traffic from patients but lots going on. Honestly, lots to be finished up on, and overseen, but nothing I can control. The turn in temperatures sure has everyone shook up.

My team decided to let me sneak out a little early, and H and I took the roof off the Jeep to go for a drive in the country, and grab a burger. Little did I know what we were about to witness as the storms rolled in.

Who is in charge in your life?

Do you feel in charge? I KNOW I’m in charge…..most days! Well, if I’m honest, lately I’m not so sure. Nonetheless, some days happen, and we are reminded who REALLY is in charge!

I need to learn to let live, and let go more. I have become SOOOO fussy and SO in charge that I get in my own way. I need to learn to let live.

Well let me tell ya, I was reminded last night who is really in charge!

We raced around the country roads chasing the rain and the sunset!

Last night was one of, if not the most beautiful drive I have ever taken. It was 89 when I left Green Bay, WI. I got home to Seymour and it was 93. I took my freedom panels out of my Wrangler before I left Green Bay, and it was a warm ride home. The wind kicked up, and the breeze felt incredible.

We left Seymour and headed north, noticing the dark squall that we were approaching, and I think H was little scared. The temperatures started to drop and he pulled up the radar, and the storm system was bright red and we were headed right into it.

We pulled off to witness the most glorious reach from heaven I have ever seen!

Some days you just get closer to Him. I can’t explain it, but He lets you know He is there. Last night was one of those times.

The pictures turned out incredible, but it isn’t the same as being there. The breeze was so warm when I pulled over and jumped out of the Jeep it almost took my breath away. We followed this system, turning, west and winding north to avoid the dark, dark mass just in case, and never hit rain until we pulled into Bonduel, WI. It was the most beautiful drive!

I am thankful to be reminded I am NOT in charge!

It feels good to be reminded I don’t control life. I am a passenger on my own voyage. I am in charge of nothing, but my own reactions to it. I choose left or right, but the path will be laid down for me. I need to stop stressing and start living!

Do you need to do the same?

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Get out and take in spring. The changes in the forest, back roads, flowers, smells of everything. are pretty incredible. Don’t sit around! You’ll miss it! Make the time to take it in because you never know how long you have!

I got the message loud and clear! Chill, breath, relax and LIVE!!!!!!

I’m listening PROMISE! ~aims


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Some days we are reminded who is in charge!

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