Door County in spring is simply spectacular!

This barn stopped me in my tracks. It’s near Newport State Park and the fields of flowers and all the green were so serene!

Door County is spectacular!

Have you ever been to Door County, WI in springtime? If you haven’t I recommend you go, and fast! There is so much to do, and see, it’s almost overwhelming. From shopping, to fine dining, hiking, great wine, beach walking, and just plain people watching, Door County has it ALL!

I love to sit outside and enjoy the orchards. This is one of my favorite spots! Thank you Lautenbach’s Orchard!

Unique antiques, goats grazing lazily on rooftops, incredible food, great coffee, sites that are breathtaking, and incredible people also. I can’t imagine a better place to spend time with my best friend anywhere, than right here in Wisconsin.

Door County has great shopping!

We spent time at many many places, but a few of my favorites I have to point out. The Patricia Shoppe in Egg Harbor is the best. They have great clothes, amazing jewelry, and all around unique things! My mom scored many pieces that truly showcase her. I was VERY impressed with their spring assortment! BIG WIN!

Maxwell’s House in Egg Harbor is truly my favorite for unique finds for the home. I have an eclectic style of modern, many antiques, and of course a bohemian flare fills our home, and I find more here than anywhere in Wisconsin. I LOVE their sense of style, and color. I searched high and low for something unique for my guest bath, and they delivered.

The best antique shop in the state (my opinion of course) is also in Door County. It’s on the left, or West side of the Hwy 42 right before Egg Harbor. Of course we found lots of treasures there. The trick is to get there in spring before everyone else. You will get the pick of the place. I found so much stuff. I barely have room for it all. The name of it is the Old Orchard Antique Mall. It’s right on Hwy 42. It’s a large blue building you can’t miss it!

Door County has incredible food and wine!

Jeez were to start. We had great food our entire stay. I always start at Door County Coffee and Tea. They have the best sandwiches, and their chicken salad did not disappoint. The coffee is my favorite. We typically drink their coffee daily at home. You can find it at Woodman’s, or any retailer in Northern Wisconsin. What I love about stopping there is they have all their fresh new flavors to sample and try. $1.99 a pot, you can’t go wrong. This spring I think I love the blackberry shortcake the best. It was the first pot we made and it was awesome!

They also have great gifts, jewelry, and things for the kitchen. It’s a girls kinda place. We found so much we loved, and left with lots of bags. My favorite was a little yellow bracelet with a crystal bee. I will always think of our trip when I look at it. It reminds me of the buzzing sound I heard while shooting tons of pictures in the orchards. I can’t wait to share them with you. Cherry 🍒 Blossom spring, Part 2 of this trip coming soon!

Our first night we had dinner at my favorite spot, right on the water, Donny’s Glidden Lodge Restaurant. We sat literally right on the water and enjoyed cocktails and shrimp.

It was superb. It’s quiet, clean, the service is always spectacular, and above all restorative. I love the feeling of being together with someone you love, and sharing a meal on the water. Letting everything go, and just unwinding over good food and cocktails. I love my mom so much, and to be able to spend three entire days with just her was truly a gift.

The second day we did breakfast at Al Johnson’s. We stayed both nights in Sister Bay, so of course breakfast was a no brainer. This place is an experience! I have a small obsession with goats so I was in heaven! Literally!

Everything is clean as a whistle, and the food is superb. Simple, homemade, and presented in a way that makes you thankful. Must be the Norwegian in me. I am half German, 1/4 Bohemian and 1/4 Norwegian. This place makes you feel like you never left the old country. Incredible gifts, great food, and a great view of the water also. We always have a great time there.

AND this time the goats were on the roof grazing. That never happens for me. I am always there in winter, or springtime when the weather isn’t so great. What a treat!

Lastly our dinner at Alexanders near Fish Creek was also awesome. This is my mom’s favorite place on earth. They have such great food and cocktails, it truly is a special place. We were the first ladies there and it was full fast, so make a reservation if you go. This wasn’t our best experience but it was sure fun and the food was great.

Door County has incredible parks!

I haven’t been to Newport Beach State Park in years! Boy am I glad we went. What an experience. It is simply breathtaking. We had such an incredible morning walk. The water is so beautiful there.

It’s an easy drive and a very rewarding experience. If you need a place to take your breath away, literally, it’s the place to go. I’ll let the pictures tell you more.

It was a morning from Him for sure!

Later that afternoon as we headed out to do some more shopping we decided to drive through Peninsula State Park. I frequent this park often. It’s so big and so incredible. This park truly has it all. What I miss most about Peninsula State Park is how quiet it can be. In the heart of summer it is the most booming park in Wisconsin.

But in springtime you still get that special, soft, sweetness, next to the water. The day got warm, sunny and unexpectedly gorgeous (it was supposed to rain all day). So as the weather got better we shopped less and hiked more. I got my mom to do the new tower and I am so glad we did.

The views from the top of the new tower are incredible. On a random Thursday in springtime there were not many people, so it was a great day to do that hike. I know I wore her out! When I think back I wish I could place us there right now. At the top of that tower, with a cup of coffee, just overlooking the water, and just be!

I could go on and on and on and on……..

Door County is just the best! I love it so much! I love it even more with my mom. I have been so many times but this by far was my best trip yet! We did so much, spent way to much money, and had the best time ever! I can’t wait to do it all over again next spring! I’ll link for you guys here my Top 5 on the webpage. I review supper clubs, shopping, antiques and more.

If you don’t have plans for this coming holiday weekend, and are up for a drive. I PROMISE you that Door County will not disappoint you. There is just so much to do. Don’t be afraid of the crowds. Just take your time, play a game in the car, grab a great coffee, and set your destination. Pack a picnic blanket, your chairs, sunscreen, a map of the park’s (I’ll link them here) and go…………….

Make some memories! Life is so so so short! Do it now, and TAKE SOME PICTURES! You don’t have to take as many as I do (sometimes it takes the fun away) but take some! I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Have an incredible rest of the week, sending you sunshine hugs, good vibes, and lots of love ~ Amy

…and of course we did some self care….scared the bejesus right out of us both with this lavender mud mask 😂 😆 😝 !!! Take care of yourself, if you don’t, no one else will!

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Door County in spring is simply spectacular!

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