Wisconsin’s Amazing COMMON LOON!!


What it is about the relaxing call of the Loon’s? Whether you live on the lake, or have just arrived for the week to enjoy some time off, hearing the call of the Loon is an experience. It brings back memories, allows you to relax, and makes you feel tranquil. They are an awesome bird, and one of my favorites!

flying loon

This past week we spent a lot of time with the awesome Loons of the Chain of Lakes in Eagle River, WI. I miss them terribly. I did a little research when we got home to learn some more about them. Hope you enjoy!

The Call of the Loon!

Talks about loon
https://www.northland.edu/centers/soei/loonwatch/. As quoted from Northland College. If you can give to Loon Watch: HERE!

Cranberry Lake, Eagle River, WI

peacocking loon
This Loon I became a little obsessed with. I watched for her all week and finally got a few pictures. Cranberry Lake Island, Eagle River, WI.

Loon Facts!

loon facts

It was super fun for me to dig around a little and learn more about them. You can donate here: https://loonproject.org/donate/ to help Wisconsin’s Loon population.

They deserve our help! Do what you can today. If anything educate yourself so when you are around them you can keep them safe so we can all enjoy the “call of the Loon” for many many years to come!

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great night. You can read more about our weeklong trip to Cranberry Lake in my Summer Postcard Series.

back of a boat


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Wisconsin’s Amazing COMMON LOON!!

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