I’d like to introduce you all to Scout!

Scout the Cat

We are home!

Good morning everyone! We are home! Friday was a tough day. We said goodbye for now to our island. I of course got up at 6:00am and starting packing and cleaning and let H sleep. I feel better when I’m organized and sometimes it’s just easier to do it alone. We had such an incredible time at Gypsy Villa in Eagle River. It was really hard to say goodbye. That isn’t always the case when we leave. We talked about it on the way home and the both really feel lost with out boys.

Scout the Cat on the couch

Loosing Carter this spring was a traumatic thing for both of us. It has been so empty at home and we both feel that our lives are missing something. We loved our boys with all we had and to have them be gone has been awful.

Scout the cat on the futon

Friday afternoon we ran errands, grocery shopped, cleaned up, did endless loads of wash, went through the mail, mowed the grass……jeez! Going away is amazing, until you get home and then you have to do everything you would have done all week in a day or two.

Saturday afternoon I had an appointment in Appleton and came home to find H gone running an errand also. I sat down at the computer to pay some bills and for some reason made an apt for us to view some kitties. I have no idea why I just did it. We talked about missing them on the way home but in no way discussed getting another one and by no means this soon. H got home and I greeted him at the back door and said the ominous……..”honey don’t be mad but…..I made us an appointment this afternoon to go see some kitties at 3:00pm.” He was like OK and went about putting his stuff away.

Our Scout!

close up of scout

So they said on the phone pick out some cats before you come in so we know who to show to you. I picked out almost all kittens. Well at least 6. And when we got there, we first met Scout. He was in a cage on the end and came right up to me. He started purring and I opened it up and we just would not stop. Then he rolled over and went crazy. I spent like 20 minutes with hime before ever walking away and the volunteer I think thought jeez lady….enough already. Needless to say we were there for almost two and half hours. We meet every cat, kitten, and then some again.

Super close up of scout

But at the end of the day it was Scout. Scout came from California. His old family drove him to Wisconsin and then they surrendered him to the shelter. They said they didn’t have time for him in their new house. He also had his whiskers cut and removed, which if you know anything about cats, is a HUGE no no. They will grow back, I know but still I feel terrible for him.

He was it. That was clear. He was driven all the way here in a carrier just to be thrown away and now he’s ours. He’s the most amazingly lovable, snuggly, BIG tiger cat I’ve ever seen. He’s about five pounds over weight but we will take care of that. I can hardly believe he’s here. I can also not believe that anyone would just give up and surrender this cat. Of all cats I’ve ever met, he’s the biggest ham I’ve ever met.

Last night was tough coming home. He had a hard time with the heat and of course not knowing where he is. Can you imagine the week he’s had? Loosing his family, surrendered to a cage, and then off with a new family to trust they will take care of him. Talk about anxiety.

He ate last night, he hid in the basement for most of the night. He slept under the coffee table before we went to bed and then went downstairs. This morning I got up about 5:00am to look for him and feed him as I knew he would be famished. He came right up, ate almost all his morning meal and slept with us in bed and snuggled for a few hours. Now he’s wondering around the house and figuring it all out.

cat on a couch

We were going to go to the lake today to just relax. I can’t bring myself to leave him………..he’s been abandoned enough this week. He’s home now and has no idea how good life is about to get! I don’t think anyone could love him more than I do right now and we haven’t even known each other for 24 hours. No one will ever hurt or abandon him again.


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I’d like to introduce you all to Scout!

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