Good Morning!

The hammock in the morning breeze is my favorite spot!

Update on Scout!

Good morning everyone! Wow what a week. Aside from a big add on to my responsibilities at my day job, and coming home from vacation, we adopted a new cat. He has been a challenge. After this week I’m almost 100% sure he was abused. But he is doing much better. He’s eating as of this morning and that is a win in itself!

He found his favorite new spot on top of the sofa!

He still runs away at any noise but he has taken to me like a champ, and is starting to be more and more comfortable with H every day. He’s not scare of him, but his presence when he first enters a room was, at first, terrifying to him. One day at a time. The power of a positive week can do wonders.

scout crushing breakfast
Scout crushing his breakfast

The weather is unreal early this morning!

Scout pondering the realities of life
Scout pondering the realities of life.

I’m on the screen porch writing and drinking coffee. I’m an early bird, so that means I get some chill time before we leave for Madison today. We have a new house warming / birthday party to attend. I get to see my whole family and I am thrilled about it. I am super happy for my brother. He has overcome some BIG obstacles also. But we are fighters, us Novak’s! My godson will also be there, and he is one of my favorite people on the planet so YEAH!

The screen porch brings me solace. It is a serene place that Scout is growing to love. He likes to lay in the breeze and watch the birds. I have 5 feeders in the backyard and the hummingbird feeder is closest. They like to feed early morning and at the golden hour so hopefully we get to see them this morning.

The rain made a huge difference this week!

As I look at the plants, the lawn, my flowers, and the garden; I realize they all are grateful to my care. My hydrangea are so full with blooms they are laying on their sides. If I could garden all day every day I would. I never thought these ladies would bring me so much happiness. It’s the one thing that was here when we moved in that we didn’t tear out and I’m so glad. The combination of love, work, and fertilizer brought them back to life. They are singing to the sun! I use Scott’s 11-7-7 fertilizer on the boxwood, the arbor vitae, and the Ms Kim lilac’s. It works like a charm. I also put Scott’s on the hydrangeas. I also use a different blend of Scott’s on my flowers. I’ll have to dig that blend out though. It’s amazing. You have to try it.


Today is going to be GLORIOUS!

It’s gonna be HOT but sunny and gorgeous all day long. Whatever you do, enjoy the weather, stay hydrated, and give thanks. Count your blessings, not your challenges. I have to do this more. I always get upset and worked up about the uncontrollables. Life, however, has taught me how to control how I face them. Today I count more blessings than challenges. I’m not making a list……just trying to enjoy this short morning time……it is a beautiful one!

cinnamon rolls
Fresh cinnamon rolls make everything better!

Sending blessings and good karma your way…… cheers ~Amy


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Good Morning!

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