Summer Postcard Series: Sunday: Gypsy Villa

Gypsy Villa Postcard

Welcome Wisconsin!

Welcome Wisconsin to my summer postcard series straight from the Northwoods in Eagle River. We are staying at Gypsy Villa this year. It’s a little overwhelming this morning writing to you. The past 24 hours are a day we wait for the entire year. We both love it here so much. The people, the pace, the wilderness, the calm, and the tranquility. It is a very special place.

coffee and computer
My fishing excuses……LOL!!

The Vagabond Cabin at Gypsy Villa!

vagabon cabon at gypsy villa
Our little Vagabond Cabin = HEAVEN!

We are right on Cranberry Lake at Gypsy Villa Resort. We are staying in the Vagabond cabin. It is super quaint and really tranquil. I am sitting at the dining room table on my laptop writing to you. I can hear the water hitting the beach, the kids playing hide and seek, the ducks, the birds, and the soft motors that drive by on their way out to fish. The sun is just starting to kiss the lake, and the water has gone from glass, to a soft roll. I wish you where here to see it!

Cranberry Lake
The sunset yesterday was absolutely unreal! It was an experience I won’t soon forget!

It smells different here!

Chairs on the shore of a lake at gypsy villa

There is a clean, fresh, crisp, taste to the air. It feels different when you breath here. Almost like you are finally getting real oxygen. I can’t explain it. There is a lake hair, sun kissed face, small stain on your t-shirt still from breakfast, ease to this place.

view from boat

The Island!

The island is amazing. It has a sandy beach surround. It’s just far enough from the mainland to be fun but not too far that it takes forever to get to your vehicle. It’s a liberating feeling to not have your car parked close. You almost are forced to relax and unwind. That is something that is HUGE for me. I go, go, go, do, go again and do more. I find that the harder I work and the older I get the more I work. Relaxation is all but impossible when you feel there is always something to do, get done, or to work on.

man on dock at gypsy villa
The view from our dock was ethereal……heaven hit earth well it sure felt like it!

I am forcing myself to chill this week. I have removed the app from my phone that communicates with my other business. This means I literally can NOT view business or communicate with my teams. It’s weird. It took me about 6 hours yesterday and I stopped missing it. If any of you have that problem you know what I mean.

H and little h at a bar
We had dinner at Buckshots. One of our favorite spots here. The food is amazing, the service was incredible and the people even nicer!


I’m going to sign off and wish you a glorious Sunday. The lake is calling and I must go……….

Cranberry lake

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Summer Postcard Series: Sunday: Gypsy Villa

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