Summer Postcard Series: Thursday

star lake general store postcard

OMG I don’t even know where to begin……

I can’t begin to explain what an incredible trip this has been for H and I. We have spent so much time……SOOOOO much time up here in the Wisconsin Northwoods over the past 20 years it’s unreal. But this trip is different. The weather has been great, we have had only 3 fights, I have been sleeping, I budgeted our cash differently, we have done a lot but not too much, and he has been very patient with all my picture taking……. The list is endless. I know that was the longest sentence possible. Sorry! There are sooo many reasons why we are having such fun. And then TODAY HAPPENED! WOWOWOOWOWOWOWO!

We were going to stay at the cabin today all day. It was supposed to rain from about noon on. I had planned a chill day to rest, relax, and honestly take a long nap. I rolled over this morning and checked the weather again and the forecast changed drastically. Staying on an island means we have to be super careful about going to the mainland if there is inclement weather in the forecast. Being on the water when the weather is bad is super unsafe and the last thing we needed was to get stranded on the mainland and have no where to stay. BUT now the weather looked to be great until about 3:00pm so I got up showered and said H get dressed we are going hiking. He was all IN!

The morning stroll on the pontoon was amazing!

As you can see YOU are 100% missing out on having your first cup of coffee HERE! I can’t explain it in words. So a ridiculous amount of pictures are comin’ at YA TODAY!!! I hope you guys enjoy it even half as much as we did!

Eagle Baking Company, Eagle River, WI

We stopped at the Eagle Baking Company for a sweet treat before our hike. I couldn’t pick but settled on the raspberry crown. I can’t explain how awesome it was. Light, buttery, not filling, and the raspberry topping was sweet but not too sweet… It was an experience I can’t wait to repeat I’ll say that!

Star Lake is the most amazing hike I think we have done in 10 years!

If you haven’t hiked the Star Lake Trail you are missing out completely. It is a place we have been to before but have never done the entire hike. It was humid as all heck and borderline hot by the time we finished. I had to grind out the last segment as my knee started to hate me because of the rising humidity. It was 100% worth the pain toward the end. It was an experience I won’t forget.

The pine tree canopy is unreal and the pines are over 100 years old. The first reforestation attempt planted in the state of Wisconsin!

And it is a sight to see. I can’t explain it, you have to see it for yourself. I am adding more pictures than I ever have.

It was almost hard to hike. I have a hard time walking around while looking up. I have an obsession with the forest and this area did not disappoint. They are so tall you feel so small and it was a very humbling experience.

The bog and green fairy land!

I am pretty sure I’ve told you guys about Gus. The deer spirit I believe that lives here and I will some day see. I 100% believe there is magic in the forest and much we don’t understand. The bog and wetland area of this place makes you believe it even more. It is a magical place that animals can live in peace and protection. It is so gorgeous it almost brought me to tears.

The lagoon and the bog area are so green it will blow your mind.

The smell of the forest here is so clean, and so fresh, it took my breath away. I can’t even imagine if you are a deer and found this place, how happy you would be. You would be protected from man, the elements ,and have fresh water, and plentiful food. Humans can be so selfish. I brings me solace to know there are a few places like this left where the forest creatures have a place to thrive.

…and then we met Debbie……..

After our hike we decided to stop at the general store and check it out. I collect postcards obviously, and I love little shops like this. What a cute little store. They have the most amazing display of hats I have ever seen. I had to get one. Great little summer tee’s and little trinkets.

As we checked out we got to get to know Debbie. She is the sweetest lady ever, and asked us where we were from and gave us tips on places to go. She also played some jokes on H. What a joy to meet someone so full of life and so happy to meet and talk to strangers, and make us feel welcome. I can tell you Ms Debbie we will be back and can’t wait to see you again! People like you are what make me love where I live. Wisconsin is full of story telling people who love their state and are proud of their small towns and business. Thanks for the hospitality.

Thank you Star Lake for an amazing morning! We can’t wait to see you again!!

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Summer Postcard Series: Thursday

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