Our Northwoods Adventure Part 5 of 5

Getting up on the last morning of a Northern Wisconsin Getaway is always bittersweet. It feels good to be rested and renewed. Unfortunately leaving to go home is always sad. Over the years I have learned to plan some of my favorite activities and stops for the last day. It makes me enjoy our last hours away so much more.

We typically come home from this area down Highway 55 through Crandon because the scenery is exceptional. However, this time we decided to spend more time playing and hiking around Minocqua. We then came home down Highway 51 through Wausau. Its about the same distance but much Highway 51 is much faster. I also know H will sleep most of the way home so I can scout new spots to photograph and listen to a new audio book. Here’s what we did on our last day in the northwoods.

The Shade Tree

One of my all time favorite spots in Minocqua is this small little boutique bookstore called The Shade Tree. We came across it a few years ago as a recommendation from my mother in law. It is super quaint and has an amazing selection of books. My favorite section is the local books. They have great books on local lore, the state, and the forest. These books are both fiction and non-fiction. They also have a fabulous selection of stationary, journals, and handmade cards. The children’s section in the back is also superb. Nothing typical, just imagination on every page. My nephew Kellen has been the receiver of many a great storybooks from here. I can’t wait to continue his collection. As a child books fascinated me!

Fallison Lake Trails

Our last hike before leaving was a great new find. The Fallison Lake Trails are beautiful. The trails are easy to find. They are located on County Highway N west of Sayner. There are four loops to choose from varying in distance from .6 to 2.3 miles. There are a fair amount of ups and downs but they are not overly difficult.

Fallison Lake is a beautifully peaceful lake. The forest was very still while we hiked. We were the only humans there on that day. As we pulled in, it started to slowly and quietly snow. It was the prettiest snow I have seen in years. It softly blanketed the tree’s like glitter. I am excited to go back this summer. I’m curious if the lake is good for swimming. There is a point half way around it that would be perfect for a picnic.

This bench struck a chord with me. I didn’t have the heart to sit on it and rest. It overlooks the lake and seems to be a natural part of the landscape. Whoever Jacob Strautman was must have been quite the guy.

It reads….”There is something about the outdoors that makes me happy. I wish I were always outside.”

Jacob Ray Strautman June 19th, 1997 – January 16, 201

The path along the lake was gorgeous. There is really only a few spots that have inclination that could have been troublesome with my bad knee and ice. Trekking poles are a must. This trail is a must see. I have a feeling that winter is the best time to enjoy it but then again……there isn’t a season that the forest and water don’t bring me joy!

This view is serene.

Vilas County Trail App

While I was looking for trails to hike I stumbled onto the Vilas County Trail App. Its available for free in the App store and it helps you find trails that work with your physical abilities. It is called: Map It Vilas County. You can also sort by other on-trail activities besides hiking. It’s a great reference for you as you explore the area. Vilas County is the truly the Northwoods to me. Make sure you check out the app.

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Our Northwoods Adventure Part 5 of 5

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