Update on Mr. Scout!

Scout contemplating lifes mysteries.
Scout contemplating life’s mysteries.

Jeez where do I begin! As you guys know H and lost our three kitties over the past 2 years. One we lost to diabetes, one to kidney and liver failure, and the last we just lost this past June due to mouth cancer. It’s been a whirlwind if I do say so.

I NEVER ever EVER thought I would love cats as much as I do. They are so loyal it’s unreal. Smart, loving, and so kind. My first kitty was Wompus, he was not my choice. It’s a story, and I think I’ve told it already, so I’ll skip that for now, but he was the king of our house for 16 years. If you got the chance to meet him, you know!

scout on the prowel
Scout looking to kill a bug

This past June when we lost Carter, I think that in our minds life stopped. We went on vacation in July, and came home to an empty house. It was horrifying. Quiet, still, and depressing. We arrived home on a Saturday, and by the time I had made it through the laundry, and we cleaned up the house, I was searching for kitties. I had no idea what I was in for.

stoic scout
Scout being all serious

We picked up Scout the very next day, after spending time with almost 20 cats to make sure he was the one. I knew the moment I saw him when we walked in the door of the Humane Society. He has this call…..or cry”ish” meow that makes you fall in love with him. It’s literally like he’s talking.

Last night we spent some time just chillin’ with him on the bed, before we watched a movie and H said…….”how long have we had him now?” I had to think. It feels like months. He’s only been with us since the 17th of July. Not even two months and he’s king of the house.

He is doing so well. It took a while for him to acclimate to everything of course, and he didn’t eat well the first two weeks, but he’s eating well now. He is sitting in the window on his kitty bed right now while I’m writing to you guys. He loves the windows. We feed almost 50 birds daily in the back, and he’s in heaven.

naughty kitty
Scout about to raise some hell

If you have never considered adopting and animal I highly recommend you do. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want you to think hard about it, because this year there are so many headed back to the shelters after Covid that went to wrong homes, but consider it you should!

He saved us! Literally Scout saved our relationship, our hearts, and our soul! He is the highlight of my day every night I come home. Every morning he now follows me to the kitchen, and sits on the floor, and watches me lock the back door. It’s heart wrenching! I don’t know how he picked up our routine so fast, but he did. He can see me through the window when I lock the door, and it’s the sweetest thing.

tired kitty
Sleepy Scout

He was driven here with his old family from California, and surrendered the very next day after they arrived. They said “they didn’t have time for him” with the new house. I thank God they were so busy they they can’t love the best kitty that ever walked the earth, because now he’s MINE!

Sleepy Scout
Super Tired Scout

If you can spare ANYTHING I highly recommend helping out your local Human Society. The work they do for these animals is incredible. Thank you from Scout and every animal for anything you can give!

You can donate here: https://www.wihumane.org/

I 100% believe in fate, and he was a gift from God!


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Update on Mr. Scout!

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