Labor Day Weekend: The last lake day.

The amazing drive up for our lake day. Hwy 54 North of Shawano, WI!

road to our lake day

What are you up to today?

What have you guys been up to this weekend? Did you do something special with your family? Spend the day at the lake for the last time? Bring the boat home with you? We decided to have one last lake day.

Boulder Lake Campground!

I’ve told you guys about our secret little spot before. We typically spend the day at Boulder Lake Campground. We get a site for the day or just spend time at the beach. It’s so quiet. And so peaceful. Even the drive up is therapeutic. We did have the roof off the Jeep, and I do kinda feel like it might be the last time. I so look forward to our lake days!

campsite at boulder lake:   basecamp for our lake day
boulder lake campground

A lake day is always a great day!

We spent yesterday at the lake, and today my family is coming to celebrate and BBQ. Every time I walk out of the water for the last time each season I feel down. It was about 70 degrees and a little chilly but we still had a great time. There is something about the therapy of the water that really heels.

beach off campsite at boulder lake

It was chilly but the water was warm and the sunshine was amazing!

After we got there I wished I had brought along some joggers and a thicker hoodie. It was chilly. The breeze off the lake felt amazing! I shared a video with you guys when we got there and you can hear the wind come up right off the lake. Lake days are the best days!

boulder lake campground

Video of Boulder Lake, Labor Day weekend! Lake days are the best days!

The Everbreeze Resort in Mountain, WI has the best wings south of Sayner Pub in Sayner, WI!

We also got to stop at our favorite little spot for wings, the Everbreeze Resort in Mountain, WI. It’s so good! They are so nice and it’s tradition. Every lake day we stop! We have always had great food, great service, and always had fun!

Fall is HERE!

You can sure feel the fall weather just slipping right in. It’s like two days ago mother nature decided it was time. The humidity fell, the evening temps dropped to the low 50’s or just below, and just like that it is fall.

I must admit I am excited. My husband turns 40 on the 18th and we have a trip up North planned for the family to celebrate. We also do a trip to the National Forest the first week’s in October every year to celebrate our anniversary and see the color.

Time to start planning for the holidays!

Fall is a time of reflection and planning. It is a time to get out the fun stuff for Halloween and get ready for the holidays. I can’t believe I get to have my entire family here to fill the house for the holidays, and also celebrate with my team. I love Christmas parties that is for sure! I go a little overboard with Christmas here! I just can’t help it!

lake day at boulder lake

Cheers to an amazing summer!

Well cheers everyone to a successful summer! I hope you made as many memories as we did! I hope you got to smell the giant pines, walk on the beach, watch a lot of sunsets, enjoy a lot of lake days, see the fireflies, and eat some serious BBQ.

I love that when I can’t remember everything we did I can go back and read the blog. Sometimes I think time goes so fast that I forget half the stuff we did get to do because our daily lives to so hectic.

Today is a day to celebrate and relax!!

NOT today. The twice baked potatoes are already made, the table is set, the salad just needs to be thrown together, and H already mowed the lawn. I get to plump up all the pillows outside, light all the candles, prep the coffee, put out the bar, and enjoy the great weather.

boulder lake

Enjoy the day!

Enjoy the day. Do what you can’t not to labor too much! For those of us that never stopped working through all this Covid crazy my hats off to you. I’m exhausted too. But still healthy, our fridge is FULL of food for the holiday, the sun is shinning, and my family is healthy!

I choose to remain positive even though the last few weeks have been some of the most challenging for me at my day job. One day at a time, and every single fork in the road means a new one is coming for a reason! I made another BIG decision late last night and am excited. I will hopefully be able to tell you all about it soon!

Big changes coming, with the fall of the leaves! GO OUT AND MAKE THOSE MEMORIES GUYS!! CHEERS! ~Amy

Cheers Wisconsin and thank you so much for reading and subscribing to the blog!

wine at boulder lake

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Labor Day Weekend: The last lake day.

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