Big H’s 40th birthday weekend in Wisconsin’s Northwoods!

Part 1: The Beginning of the Adventure

Silver Lake near Laona, WI

I really can’t believe its Big H’s 40th. I am 8 years older, and when we got married it didn’t seem like that much. Today, OMG, it seems like light years! Granted, he works very physically at his job every day, so he’s stiff, and achy everywhere also, but man do I feel older than he is.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t sure what to do for his birthday. 40 is a milestone in life. Unfortunately it’s quite often half way to the end, for those of us still lucky enough to be kickin’ around. If you Google it, they say average life expectancy right now is 78.5 years old…..that seems grim. We work til at least 65, and get to enjoy so little of our total life!

A weekend with family for Big H’s 40th!

I decided since we have been through so much with his family over the past decade, it had to be just family. Our nephew was born last year and just turned one. He is a beacon of hope, a reminder to H and I that we have something to live on for, as we were never blessed with kids. Kellen Heindl Sterns is a dream child. He is bright, funny, sweet, loving and, most of all adorable.

We both work way too much, and my schedule does not allow us to have off at the same time, so we see very little of Kellen. It really stinks. I am embarrassed at how much I work. My balance in life has changed so much just in the past 10 years, it’s frustrating, and I am working on it.

An Airbnb in the Northwoods!

So a family trip to the woods and the lake was just what the doctor ordered. I booked us an an Airbnb, and off we went. It was amazing. We split up all the meals, met up for lunch on the first day, had campfires, went swimming, grilled out, had birthday cake, cocktails, went adventuring for Bloody Mary’s, read a lot, watched classic movies like Roadhouse, and just plain had time together. I never EVER sleep when away from home, and the king size bed was just what the doctor ordered.

Pontoon on the dock

Sunrise and sunset on the dock!

Sunset on the dock

I’m an early riser usually because I don’t sleep, but this past weekend it was to catch the sunrise on the dock. What a statement that was. When faced with God’s creation in all it’s glory I typically spend most of the time taking pictures, and trying to figure out how to pass it on to all of you, who could not be there, but day two, I just drank my coffee. That was a big step for me.

I feel this crazy need to tell everyone what they are missing. The small towns North of Hwy 8, that sit on or near lakes, in the quiet and beautiful National Forest, are some of the most beautiful on earth, and they are all right here in Wisconsin.

Sunrise on the dock

One day we will reside there. We aren’t there yet, but the need to go to a peaceful place after we have saved enough. I said to him just this week. It’s time. I can work at the grocery store and waitress. I’ve done it before, it’s good honest work, and I’m good at it. Most days lately I honestly think the stress of my day job has started to take over who I am.

When did we decide to live to work?

Silver Lake

When did we decide to live to work? I apologize for my seeming negative. But I must admit that as I grow older, the dreams of having very specific things in my life have changed. My wants now are chickens, goats, cats, dogs and a small garden by the lake that I can use to can my winter food and make summer salads.

The smaller the place the better. I just want to have peace. The public has changed my wants. The political unrest, the link of politics to science with the pandemic, the attitude of the entitled, and the simple lack of patience in almost 90% of people, make me long for solitude and quiet.

Melanie swimming with kellin

Our weekend was amazing!

I’m not sure if this is all a sign that I need a therapist or we need to turn up the clock on our forever home. Big H’s 40th Birthday weekend was a success. What I do know is this past weekend was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. The forest and the water bring me a kind of peace I can’t find anywhere else.

If I could go back I would change a lot of things. The first would be to work with animals not humans and the second would be to love myself more. Enough to take more risks and stop worrying about what I can’t control.

sunset on silver lake

Life is short, live it NOW!

Make your lists, check them off, prioritize what’s important. Life is short. H is 40 and I’m almost 50. If I only have 30 years left and he only has 38….I want to spend them in a peaceful existence, with nature. Surrounded with those we love. Even if those souls have fur!

Sunrise on the dock

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Big H’s 40th birthday weekend in Wisconsin’s Northwoods!

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