Carpe diam Wisconsin! Fall is HERE!!

WOW that came fast! Fall is here! Last night was so amazing! The weather feels different doesn’t it. When I walked out of work last night I almost couldn’t believe the weather. So cool, crisp and inviting. The sunshine on the way home was almost blinding but awesome!

I have to admit I had tuna melts on the menu and that didn’t seem like much fun, so off for a burger and a beer we went. Adventuring through the backroads of our rural little area is so much fun. My work can be super high stress, and most of the time I feel like I’m spinning like a top. Winding down with the wind in my hair, the roof off the Wrangler, and some good tunes helps me every single time!

Sun in early fall

I’m off today, so knowing that I have some downtime to get “my stuff” done brings a sense of calm from the storm.

I won’t lie and say it was the perfect evening. The first spot we tried was closed, and by the time we got to where we had dinner, we were both exhausted and arguing. Long days are hard. I talk all day long, give direction, support, react to business, and coach. When I get home I’m spent. I rarely have anything left. I need to work on saving up just enough for “us” and “me.” Some days I have no idea where it comes from.

It’s hard to admit fall is here, isn’t it? Are you guys excited for Labor Day weekend? I have to work on Saturday but Sunday we are off to the lake, and Monday were are having family for some BBQ fun. Two days off in a row sounds like heaven.

Enjoy the rest of the week! Enjoy the start of fall. Take advantage of the sounds, smells, and scenes when you can, because it goes quick. The leaves will turn and fall from the tree’s soon enough. Then we will be back to tree’s in sleep just biding their time until spring!

Life goes fast like these country donuts. Whoever made these sure was having fun. I haven’t seen rubber on the road like this since “the day!”

Donuts in the road

It sounds cliche’ but carpe diam Wisconsin! If you don’t do it today life will pass you by! If there is one thing I’m sure of… I refuse to regret what I did not do because I was too tired or I did not make the time! I feel like I have already lived a very full life at 48 but I refuse to stop now!

Fall is here…..make your plans, seize today if you can, try to put making memories in front of other tasks! Life is short, it goes as fast as summer did. Fall is here and it’s time to enjoy it, make the most of it, and rejoice in the glory mother nature will show us!

GO GET ‘EM GUYS!! I’m going to challenge you to plan at least ONE THING for you and your family after you read this TODAY! Don’t wait. Fall is here… do it NOW!


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Carpe diam Wisconsin! Fall is HERE!!

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