Do not be afraid. Life can be tough!

I did not come this far just to come the far.   It's time to be truly happy

Do not be afraid to be happy!

Do not be afraid. What does it really mean? Life has been super tough for me lately. My plate is really full right now. I am sitting down for the first time in what seems like weeks to write to you guys. I am just home from my day job, changed my clothes, preheated the oven, threw my hair in a top knot, put my feet up, and I’m ready for a BIG glass of wine.

How do you make all your pieces fit together? How do you get everything done? I work at a super fast pace, and do many things at one time and I am struggling.

I am strong because I've been weak

I am fearless because I've been afraid

I am wise because I've been foolish

How my plate got so full, Im not sure. So FULL that I am starting to lose hope on the above. What does it mean to be happy? I thought I knew… I don’t know if I’m so sure.

What does happy mean to you? Balance? Courage…..? Being heard? It means something different to everyone. I sometimes wonder what percent of the population actually gets there?

Balance is key right?

You are only confied to walls you build yourself.  do not be afraid

I have no balance right now. Just lists and more lists. Each aspect of my life has gotten fuller, and even days off (of which there are so few) have filled with other’s priorities and I am finding I’m losing myself.

Do you ever ask….”how do I choose?”

And who do you choose? Who is more important, and how do those feel that get left behind? I feel like I never choose myself or my small family. It’s time to prioritize. I am torn between what I am, what I want to be, and what is.

Do not be afraid even though fear is real!

Focuse on where you want to go not what you fear

Fear of failing, letting people down, making a HUGE change or giving up. I think it’s time for me to choose. I just am not sure I’m ready yet. Do not be afraid.

Let’s be courageous together! I believe in YOU!


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Do not be afraid. Life can be tough!

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