Summer Postcard Series: Wednesday

Big Fish

I hope you are having as great a week as we are!

Hey guys hope you’re having a great week. WOW has our trip been incredible. We have done so much stuff that I haven’t had the time to upload pictures and write to you all. We just got back to the cabin now. It’s Wednesday at around 3:00pm and we are about to get rocked with a storm. We just made it back in time.

Today we have a BIG thunderstorm rollin’ in!

Being on the water in a thunderstorm like what is coming scares the poo out of me so glad we got back in time. Yesterday was so chill…….we had so much fun.

little h and big h
Little h and Big H

The chain of lakes is pretty amazing!

We spent the morning relaxing in the water. We drove the chain, chilled, H fished, and we had lunch on the water. It was good. Not great. I don’t want to pick on where we went so that is all I will say. We have had better food and especially better service on this trip. There is such a need for employees up here right now it’s sad. But there are a few spots REALLY doing an amazing job. Those I will point out in a special post when we get home so you know the HOT SPOTS that really have great food, great service, and are doing everything they can to make your hard earned vacation $ count! That’s a BIG deal to me. I work super hard for every patient every day and when I’m not at work I want to matter. I know you guys do too! Needless to say the food was good and the spot outside was gorgeous.

Rocky Reef Brewery was incredible as always!

After spending the day on the chain we came back to the cabin to relax, swim, and have a cocktail. The weather was so good so we decided to take a drive to Woodruff to one of H’s favorite breweries and it did not disappoint. Rocky Reef has great beer that is for sure! They know how to do it and there little spot is a slice of heaven.

Rocky Reed brewery wall
Just in case you wanted to know how all beer styles are related

I fell in love with the house dog and had a hard time leaving here. We sampled a flight and loved every one we tried. We didn’t stay super long as we wanted to get back to grill up some dinner and do some fishing before it got to late. I have to admit I am not a girl who loves beer. I prefer a cocktail. H’s love for a great craft beer is growing on me. I do enjoy sampling everything on a flight.

The water makes me so happy!


The water is just soothing. It has a way of making you relax. I am not an easy person to chill out…..for those of you that know me well you all know that! This week has been the soothing touch I have needed for months. I don’t want to think about coming home. I have lots to share with you all tomorrow also if we survive this incoming storm.

The thunder is starting to BOOM so I am going to sign off and wish you all a great evening. I know the central and south part of the state are going to get rocked tonight also. I hope you all stay safe and have an amazing evening.

cranberry lake
Sunset on Cranberry Lake

As always thank you for reading, thanks for following, and for sharing. Stay safe tonight WISCONSIN!!

Tootles, Amy

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Summer Postcard Series: Wednesday

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