Summer Postcard Series: Tuesday

Vintage Beach

Franklin Lake

Nicolet National Forest
Saying Hi From The Forest

What a day. We had the time of our lives. There are a few places that we have been going for almost 20 years now that are near and dear to both our hearts. We went to two of them yesterday. I recently told you the story of our first trip to Franklin Lake. It was an adventure. Every time we go back I feel closer and closer to it. It’s hard to understand.

Franklin Lake

She is so clean and crisp it’s amazing!

In summer she is in all of her glory. Franklin Lake is the cleanest lake in the state. Or so we have found. I have a video for you guys that is pretty long, well for uploading on a hot spot long. I will share it with you when we get home and add the link to YouTube for you. The drive in is amazing! It is the prettiest I know. Takes your breath away. I was impressed to find the campground almost 100% full. Which makes me happy. We love to see people out and enjoying all these amazing spots.

Franklin Lake

Our spot for the day!

Steps in a woods

We did find a lake spot to pull into for the day to enjoy! The walk down to the water was steep for me but worth it. The lake was about 70 degree’s if I had to guess. Incredible. The water is so clean and fresh it’s unreal. Being a Monday there was hardly anyone on the water and we had almost the entire lake to ourselves. I was in heaven and so was H. He grows fonder and fonder of her every time. I think he loves her as much as I do. He just doesn’t let on LOL!

The memories are many!

So many memories here! Too many to count. When you’re in the water swimming and just stop to float a second sometimes an Eagle will fly over…’s an experience. That I will say. Hard to explain in words!

Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake Beach

We also got a chance to visit another lake that is the direct opposite way off of State Hwy 70. Spectacle Lake. We have many memories there also. It’s a much smaller lake but very quaint. Again this time driving in I have so many memories. There is an old barn in a section of prairie grass that we are both very fond of. There was also a cabin for sale across the road we checked out. Much to our dismay it was WAY out of our budget. $425,000 for a second home is not in the cards. But it was perfect that I will say and I could have had my chickens :(.

Anyway the drive in is partially dirt road and very cool. When you arrive the lake is right there. It’s also a smaller campground but super cute. We have stayed in 10 sites there if I had to guess and 3 of the best right on the water. She was also full yesterday or close to 80% which is also great to see on a Monday.

Tree Lined Path

The beach was full of kids and families enjoying the weather. We stayed a couple hours and reminisced about the “old days” and all our adventures. I have another good thunderstorm story for you about Spectacle Lake for another blog post. It was quite the storm. H told me also that it’s named Spectacle Lake because it is shaped like a pair of glasses. I never knew that. Seems fitting if you know me very well!

After enjoying the water we decided to head into Eagle River before the shops close and check out what was open. We picked up a some little trinkets and I got a new coffee mug. I love to collect coffee mugs from all our adventures. Then stopped at Buckshots again for pizza. There food is so good and the service is amazing every time. Not much else is open and there is a real problem up here with employment. It’s a shame. We talked all night about how our relocation may end up being sooner than later due to that shortage.

I think it’s close to time to starting living the life we really want to live. And not wait so long…….our trips 5-8 times a year are amazing. But a permanent home here is the end goal. The older I get the more I think now is the time…..

Today we are headed out on the chain to explore and find new places for new memories and gonna spend the entire day on the water. Or whatever else my SPF 50 can handle……….

Have a great day everyone and again thanks so much for reading, following, sharing our blog and just being here with us! We could not be more appreciative of all the love lately! Hugs, Amy!

Cocktail under umbrella
Cocktails at Buckshots is always a great way to end a days adventures! Thanks to everyone there for their hospitality! We’ll be back soon!

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Summer Postcard Series: Tuesday

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