Summer Postcard Series: Monday!

Loon Postcard

I’m kinda speechless…

I am. I almost don’t know where to start. Sunday was…..well out of a book. First of all I’m sleeping here. Which is amazing in itself. I typically don’t sleep well. You know how it goes. You age, worry about stuff, have stuff always on your mind and if your like me your mind doesn’t stop. Well I don’t know if it’s the fresh air, all the swimming, hiking, boating and a few glasses of wine or what. I am up at 5:00am every day if I sleep and again today almost 8:00am and I was out………it’s like heaven!

Sunset on the Lake

The sunsets here!

More sunset on the lake

They are just incredible. The lake of course leaves an awesome backdrop but they are just unreal. I can’t help but shoot, shoot, shoot…….catch every moment like I want to freeze it in time. Sometimes that gets in the way of living I know. If you are a photographer or like to just take pictures (a lot) you know what I mean. I have a lot of camera’s but I find that my phone has honestly done the best job. Editing every morning is so much fun. We have great cell service here and my hot spot is rockin’! Lightroom is super fast on my new Mac Book Pro. So glad I invested and took the plunge.

Sunset on the Lake

Anyway the sunsets! I have a lot of shots so I am going to spoil you today with what it feels like to dream away as the sun sets here. I thought I was going to really miss having a campfire every night. Because we are on an island there are no campfires. Which makes sense. One fire starts and the whole island will go…..I don’t miss it at all. There is a group spot with specific safety things set up that we have yet to visit but I’m sure will soon.

Sunday on the water was glorious!

fishing in a boat

The water was perfect. There were a ton of boats which was fun. The fishing was good. H did pretty well. We are going to explore more of the chain tomorrow. The water is super warm and the scenery around the lake is incredible. We are set on one of the highest rent lakes around I think. Some of the homes are just incredible. There are so many old “mansions” I would call them by the Coleman Estate that blew my mind. I can’t imagine being that fortunate. I also can’t imagine having that and not being here to enjoy it. Every home that is “that big” was empty yesterday except one. Just goes to show that the more you have the less time you have to enjoy it. Typically you’re working. It’s taken me a long time to understand that concept. But it’s true. The harder I work, the more I climb the less time I have to enjoy what I do have! I have worked really hard over the past year to change that. I don’t know how well I’m doing but I’m trying.

Slaying Platers

Ice cream and our evening drive.

Ice Cream Cone

After we BBQ’ed some chicken and had dinner I said “gee I could go for ice cream!” H agreed. We cleaned up, gathered up the trash, as we have to take it to the mainland and headed out. It felt great to take the roof off the Jeep and explore a little at golden hour. Town was so quiet. So quiet. It was so nice to drive around and chill. We had a cone at DQ and sat outside. So chill…..just relaxing in Eagle River Sunday evening at 7:30pm without a care in the world. We stopped at Trig’s for a few more things and then headed back.

The deer here amaze me.

Doe and Fawn

On our way back we saw a ton of deer but this momma and her fawn were out of a story. Just relaxed and enjoying their evening meal. I love deer so much. They are so peaceful. I typically have a few I name on our vacations and I always wonder how they are. Are they getting enough to eat, did they survive the winter, hunting season? I wonder what it’s like to be a deer? Are you always afraid……? I think if they live here they are probably less afraid. It seems that there is more balance here for them. More cover, less huge roads…….

To be a deer in the Northwoods of Wisconsin must be something!

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Summer Postcard Series: Monday!

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