Good Morning from the Heindl House!

Hey guys how are you? Good morning from the Heindl House. It’s the first cool morning here in a really long time. I have been sitting outside enjoying the damp cool air and watching the birds and squirrels feed and dance about the yard. The older I get the more I am 100% obsessed with birds. They are so awesome to watch.

I have been a Debbie Downer lately and this morning has completely changed my perspective. I have been walking around outside enjoying all our hard work on the property and noticed all the little things we have done. So I thought I’d pick you up and share a little before we leave for the lake and up North!

First things first, I got to see my in law’s last night. I haven’t seen them in quite a while so it was so good to just chill and visit a little. They are the nicest people on the planet and I am 100% blessed to have them in my life. Sometimes just a few hot dogs brats on the grill and good company can really pick up your spirits. They really made my day and my week. Thanks Bonnie and Bill for joining us, I needed that! The house has been so empty it’s so nice to fill it with laughter and good spirits.

Official Dish Soap of the Heindl House: Mrs. Meyer’s

I always clean up the kitchen before I go to bed because I can’t stand to come downstairs to a mess and I want to start out fresh in the morning, not behind. I have to share with you guys my new favorite dish soap, Mrs Meyer’s. OK it’s true I am but this is 100% my new favorite. They have it at Target right now so I bought 6 bottles. You have to try the lilac scented dish soap. If you have to clean you might as well enjoy it. It’s so soft on your hands. We have a dish washer, but I never use it. It’s just the two of us and I just don’t want to waste the time and water. I have, however, become a dish soap snob. Mrs. Meyer’s is the only dish soap I use. Pick up a bottle, it will change your day!

Heindl House Kitchen with Mrs. Meyers Dish soap
Mrs Meyer’s dish soap will change your life! It changed mine! I enjoy the scent and making the kitchen tidy.

Also my new favorite coffee cup. I picked it up at one of my favorite places…….Hidden Hollow Garden Art in New Holstein, WI. The saying is everything. We have choices in life…….how we choose is how we see the world.

I think I'll Just be Happy Today coffee mug
This is such an adorable coffee mug.

My favorite yard decoration is my peace pole. It was a gift from my parents a few Christmas’s back. They picked it up at the best little garden spot in Greenleaf, WI. It’s called Greenleaf Landscaping and Gardens. They have the greatest stuff. You HAVE TO GO!!!

Outside and in the Porch at the Heindl House

Peace Poll
The Peace Poll in All it’s Glory

The screen porch makes me happy and it’s cool enough this morning to enjoy it so I had to take a swing. I feel 90 when I sit in this swing but I love every second of it. Funny enough when we moved here I thought I wanted a big sofa on the porch, now I get why every porch has a swing. It’s the BEST!!!!

Coffee in the Heindl House Screen Porch
Coffee in the Screen Porch is always great.

I just got my new stickers and I want to give you one

Last but not least! My stickers are here! I would love to share some with you guys. If you like us and share us on social media and tag 10 friends I will send you one for FREE! They are vinyl car stickers and really cute. DM me with your address and I’ll drop it in the mail.

Life in Wisconsin Sticker
Snazzy Sticker

We appreciate you ALL SO MUCH I can’t tell you. The site is growing and we launch our newest adventure in two weeks. I can’t wait to share it with you. If everything goes as planned you guys can buy our merchandise by this fall. Then by spring we hope to be 100% a daily adventure. A girl can dream……….

If we quit our dreams we might as well quit completely right………………so thanks for being here, thanks for sharing and thanks for making today great! It’s gonna be a gorgeous day!

See you at the lake!!!!!!!


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Good Morning from the Heindl House!

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