Summertime Fun: Adventures A Plenty

How’s your summer going guys?

Hey everyone! I miss you guys! How is your summer going? We have had a great start to our summer. Some real quality summertime fun. This past week has been completely awful but I refuse to dwell on what I can not control. I have a bad tendency to walk past grieving and just put it in a box and keep moving forward. I know it’s not healthy but it’s how I get by……..

So for now it’s summertime and I am so excited to share some pictures and some “doing’s” with you guys! We have done a lot so far. We visited a lot of our favorite places. We’ve had campfires and made smores. I’ve been gardening like crazy. We made it to my favorite place to swim and relax this past weekend so I got to spend last Sunday at the lake. Got to see our local parade over the holiday weekend. I visited a place I used to play as a child. I even spent some time in the farm fields of Wisconsin watching the crops grow………the list is endless.

Summertime Fun at Home and in the Fox Valley

What have you guys been up to? Please share in comments. I love to find new things to do.

A Daiquiri and a very patriotic Miller Light
This is also a favorite spot. Waverly Beach tiki bar in Menasha, WI. It’s right on the lake and so chill. The weather was amazing Sunday afternoon and I love to be by the water. The drinks are also amazing! Makes you feel like your in the Caribbean right here in the Fox Valley!

I love to take the roof off our Jeep Wrangler and take long drives through the country with a destination of somewhere beautiful. I find it fascinating to watch everything grow. It’s such an amazing time. The days are so long and, lately, so warm that you need a cool spot to jump into at the end of your drive.

Summertime Fun in the Northwoods

I am going to share my favorite spot in the world to relax when we don’t have a lot of time to get to the lakes further north. I will call it my haven because it completely is. We go almost every Sunday. My schedule doesn’t allow me to be gone the entire weekend so Sunday Funday it is for us. We spend a ton of time at Boulder Lake. Boulder Lake is the essence of summertime fun. There is a campground there, a full public access beach, and also a place to launch your boat. It’s a small lake but also sandy and very relaxing. The campground is usually full but it’s not a big place so the people aren’t everywhere.

We LOVE to pull in to a spot for the day if we find one open and have lunch, swim, have a campfire, and just relax or read. The fresh air feels so great and the drive is beautiful. There is also a great little spot outside of Mountain, WI we love to stop on our way home to have a late lunch/early dinner. The Everbreeze Resort. They have amazing wings. They also make a mean cocktail and have all the summer special drinks if you are in the mood. You can sit outside on the patio and take in the Chute Pond flowage. I usually end up there still in my swimsuit and cover up with crazy Jeep hair and feel totally at home. The service is great, the people are really nice, and I couldn’t think of a better place to enjoy late Sunday afternoon.

We are headed back up this coming weekend. Maybe we’ll see you there. I think it’s really important to get out and enjoy the outdoors in summer. Find your place! Somewhere you can go to let the week go and look forward to. Somewhere you can connect with yourself and just be! If I didn’t have those places throughout the season’s where I can go to release all the stress from the crazy work weeks, it would eat me alive. I am very thankful my H puts up with my “let’s go” attitude!

County W Oconto County
This is one of my favorite views in Wisconsin. Leaving Boulder Lake headed to Mountain, WI. There is never any traffic. We have the entire forest to ourselves=bliss!

Have a great end to the week Wisconsin. See you at the lake! Just PLEASE don’t steal my chair……….

Chair in Boulder Lake

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Summertime Fun: Adventures A Plenty

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