Antiques and Lunch in Waupaca!

Got to spend the day with my mom!

We both had iced tea for lunch mine was raspberry, it was amazing!

Hey guys! It’s been a minute. I have been working pretty hard on getting the website updated and haven’t had a chance to tell you about my little day trip with my mom. She is doing much better after her surgery and came to spend the day with me. It was a gorgeous day and we took full advantage.


Old Country Store Antiques, New London, WI

One of my favorite little spots for antiques and gifts is on Hwy 54 right outside of New London. The Olde Country Store Antique shop. They have seasonal things, antiques, candles and much more. It seems that each time I stop I find a little something. This time I picked up two vintage coolers. Love them both. H and I as you know, love to spend time outside, and love to hike and camp. So vintage coolers and camping equipment is something we BOTH love.

Always some cool unique finds outside before you step in.

If you have the chance to stop you must. They have very unique little gifts also and great greeting cards. They also have a public restroom and it seems each time we stop I need that. I love drinking iced coffee all summer long……LOL! Can’t shop if you’re dancing around!

My favorite spot, the hunting, outdoor and camping vintage stuff! Totally my bag!


Such a great spot for breakfast or lunch WE LOVE IT!! Thanks for the awesome meal and atmosphere!

We spent some time in Waupaca after stopping to shop and had lunch at Little Fat Gretchen’s. It is so good! The space is super retro and the people are always so nice! The food is incredible. H and I usually stop for breakfast on our way to Hartman Creek State Park. Turns out they had an omelette special and it was to die for. Turkey, broccoli, mushroom and cheese I think. So good.

You can find their menu right here listed above. I took some pics for you guys.

We stopped a few other favorite shops of mine while we were there and had a great time. Time goes so fast when you finally get to spend it with someone you care about.

Have a great week everyone!

I am sitting here writing to you guys on my new computer. Just caved and bought myself a new Mac ibook PRO. I LOVE IT!!! It’s so fast and so much easier to catch you guys up. I was off today and have spent my entire weekend updating the website to share more stuff with you guys.

Lots of new stuff to come. I just threw a chicken in the oven and the house smells divine. Maybe I’ll update you on the easy peasy recipe tomorrow. It’s roasted chicken for dinner tonight in Seymour. Tootles!!!!!

Roasted chicken……..can’t wait!!


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Antiques and Lunch in Waupaca!

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