Amid the Holidays life can really be tough!

Life is tough, even when we are trying SO hard to celebrate and be merry!

Life can be tough!

After what feels like one of my toughest day’s alive I guess I needed to hear this. Yesterday was awful. I have to be truly honest and tell you that I have to really, really think back hard to find a day that was worse.

I don’t mean to be a complainer. I just feel like I need to acknowledge for myself, and all of us that life is just tough a lot of the time. Some days you really need to make yourself find the brighter things! You need to literally sit yourself down, and find the time, and the strength to be positive!

I am a coach, but do a terrible job at taking my own advice!

I am a coach in my daily life. It’s what I do! I have always been a coach at work. As a young clothing designer, a leader with Target, a trend manager, a store manager at David’s Bridal and even today. I am a coach. My job is literally to be positive, find the good, break down goals for staff, and lead us to victory! It is a tough tough job!

As a blogger I am a coach also. My job is to pick you guys up, find fun things for you to do, validate your ideas, and help you down the road! Help you find the right path ,and help you decide which way to go!

How do you decide?

How does one decide which path to take for the day, the week, the month, even the hour? How do you pick yourself up after being ill, tested for Covid, on the path for divorce, after death, while you’re grieving, and dust yourself off and keep going?

I don’t know if I know that answer, but if you do please add it to the comments! LOL!

It’s a conscious choice to be positive and find the light!

I ordered this book last week because I was finding more to be down about than up. It arrived just in time. It’s an easy read. It has wonderful pictures, short sayings, scripture, and storytelling. If you are in need of some inspiration or just a kick in the pants I HIGHLY recommend picking it up. I ordered it on Amazon here:

Life can be tough and it’s a choice!

We have the choice each day to pick either positive or negative. Every aspect we look at is a choice. How do we see it? How do we impact it? How do we act, move forward? Also what comes out of our mouth when we do……?

I have acted very poorly lately and I am making the choice to change that! I am letting my surroundings impact my mood, my path, my health! As of today I am consciously going to change that mentality.


I do! I promise to be a better human, to be kind, to stop before I react and to choose joy! Life is too short to be upset. To be down and to be stewing!

I was so sick yesterday!

Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had to drive to Green Bay to be tested and potentially see the doctor and I could barely keep the Jeep on the road! My chest hurt so bad I thought I was dying. I slept ALL day, argued with my husband all evening, didn’t eat, and went to bed upset!

Today I woke up at 4:30am realizing we never took the garbage can out to the curb (as full as it was), and went running outside in the cold in my nightie chasing the garbage truck, while blaming my husband for not doing it, and realized…….instead of going back to bed I am going to pour a cup of coffee and dig in!

I am 100% owning that I am making the conscious choice to change my behavior and accept that today will be better!

Life is tough…..but it will never get better if we don’t try!

I hope you have a great day! I hope you have a great holiday everyone! I wish you peace, quiet, and the ability to put the strife of daily life aside long enough to celebrate the coming Christ! I don’t think He ever intended life to be THIS hard daily, but I also don’t think He intended us to make some of the choices we do!

We own our behavior no matter what world we live in…..and I’m changing mine today!

Merry Christmas Wisconsin and beyond!

I hope the holiday brings you peace! ~ Amy

My Scout is the best nurse. He never left my side all day yesterday! How do animals just know when you need them? What a gift he is! I am blessed! Scout wishes you all an incredible holiday season.
Go catch the spirit while you still can!
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Amid the Holidays life can really be tough!

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