Fall country adventures!

Weekend in the country!

The Wisconsin countryside has a way of drawing you in. Simple family adventures on a grand landscape that make her traditions from year to year, and season after season. I’m glad I live in a place where there are October’s. There are tons of things in the country to do, and to see. Each one has a way of fulfilling a need for long last memory or making new ones.

Last weekend we didn’t go far, but what we did do was some of my all time favorite things.

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

If you haven’t been to Polly’s Pumpkin Patch in Chilton, WI you are 100% missing out. There are a lot of family pumpkin patches out there, but Polly’s is THE BEST! I grew up pretty close to here, and can remember back when she first started. It has become a thriving business completely built around pumpkins, fresh produce, and family fun in Wisconsin’s countryside.

Now you can get pumpkins, walk the corn maze, buy the best seasonal pies, apple cider donuts, and see the farm animals. It’s the best spot to spend a few hours with the family, to and from dinner, or just as your destination.

This year she added yellow pumpkins which I have not ever had. They are gorgeous and glowing. Yellow is my favorite color and I was elated to find them. I can’t remember ever seeing them before. Polly’s also has Indian corn, corn husks, gourds, hay bales, and everything else you need to dress up your front porch.

We left with lots of goodies from the kitchen. I think I ate 3 donuts by days end. Not my intention for sure! H loves the strawberry rhubarb pie. They have dutch apple, pumpkin of course, and usually cherry. Her pies are THE BEST! We also love the mustard pretzels. So great with a cocktail after work or a sandwich at lunch.

Support this hard working family!

I also really LOVE that we get to support a hard working families business. It makes me feel good to know that my hard earned dollar supports another’s. If we don’t support each other, who will?

There is NOTHING like a good supper club!

We had dinner at Roepke’s Village Inn, in Charlesburg, WI. It’s a family favorite, and I can honestly say we haven’t been since prior to Covid 19. The parking lot was packed when we got there. I was amazed at how busy they were. The food hasn’t missed a beat.

I had the shrimp, and H had the bone in ribeye. It was excellent. He told me it was the best steak he had ever had. That’s a pretty big compliment cause H knows his steak! They have a full salad bar, and it’s always great. We both LOVE blue cheese dressing, and theirs is homemade and amazing.

They also make a great Old Fashioned. It’s reasonable, you don’t leave hungry, and it makes me feel like I’m home. I must admit, it made me feel awkward, and kind of bad that we had dinner there without my parents. Mom wasn’t feeling well so they couldn’t meet up with us. I missed them terribly as we sat down for dinner. Some traditions just aren’t the same without those that typically make them up. As I grow older that’s something I must admit, I am having a really hard time with.

If you get the chance Roepke’s Village Inn is worth the stop and always worth the drive. It’s also 15 minutes from Polly’s so win win! Pumpkins, steak, cocktails, and corn mazes = a pretty great time if I do say so myself!

It would make a PERFECT Sunday adventure today if you have no plans!

Country sunsets are the best!

On our way home we witnessed the most beautiful sunset I think I have ever seen. The sky was FULL as far as the eye could see with color. The clouds made up an amazing pattern and I felt like I was drifting off to a fairytale land. It was honestly hard to drive and focus on the road!

I had super tough week at work, and I feel like He was telling me it would all be OK.

It’s hard to listen to above sometimes. Life can be challenging. Sometimes I think it’s never been this tough, and as the week’s go by… it gets harder. Covid 19 has made business so hard. From the employee shortage, the extra cleaning, the challenging public mindset, to the added PPE we need to wear to get through the day safe.

Cheers to the working American public!

Life is harder today than it was a few years ago, and we have to give ourselves a little credit that we are doing it! It deserves to be said = GOOD JOB to the working American public! Especially those in health and patient care! Everyone’s roles have taken on additional responsibility and meaning! We are here to support, and keep each other safe, and that takes work and commitment, but you are getting it done! Cheers to that guys!

Nevertheless there is something to be said in telling yourself not to worry. It just takes up space in your head, and never does any good anyway. We can use our energy to worry or believe. 100% our own choice. Today I’m choosing believe!

It’s hard to take your own advice and quiet the mind. Everything for a reason, all in good time! Each fork in the road is there for a purpose. Trust in the process, and the path, and all will be shown to us in time.

Can you tell I’m coaching myself as I write……….one day at time. Breath! It’s the little country adventures to clear the mind and quiet the worry that get me through. 100% that is a fact. Without those long drives home at night listening to music or my Audible book, I honestly might melt right into the floor!

Something to look forward too!

Something to look forward to, the smell of homemade pie, watching the kids play in the pumpkin patch, feeling the warm country air whip your hair around while you feel the beat of the sun shining down. I was born and raised in the country. When I am at my most stressed or lost, I flee to her.

Being outside = peace and quiets the mind!

Being outside, away from the noise, reminds me of what is really important. It helps me find my balance and reminds me of my purpose. To be kind, to teach, to support and lift up, not tear down. We were put on this earth to support mother earth and tend to her, our own, and each other. Not to tear each other down and use her. We would be better humans if we remembered that more often.

~Have a great Sunday Wisconsin, thanks for reading! I appreciate you more than you could ever know, Amy.


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Fall country adventures!

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