A girl can dream right?

Tough week!

Hey guys, I hope you are all well and getting ready to celebrate the 4th! Do you have plans? What are you guys doing? I have to work my day job all weekend so not much here for me. We leave in a WEEK THOUGH for our annual vacation. We can’t wait. So this weekend is kinda bittersweet. I don’t mind working. Health care is just different since Covid and I feel like people are one of two: caring, patient and understanding or the total opposite! Do you know what I mean? This morning it feels good to spend my early morning off catching up with you all.

The best pizza around!

This is Leap In’s Deluxe Pizza. I think it’s $18.00 for the large. It’s the best around!

So even though we were both exhausted last night from the build up to this weekend and working…..we decided to take an evening drive and get some pizza. H works in the beer business, which I’m sure I’ve told you, so you can imagine how busy he has been. I have been running around all week with the doctor’s and my team trying to get everyone ready for their trips also. It’s been a feat I’ll tell you! I can’t believe I got to today!

The weather was just unreal yesterday right? I got in super early around 7:30am so didn’t get outside all day. Then left the business and at around 5:15pm I was shocked to find it 75, no humidity and glowing sunshine. I removed the roof panels in my Jeep before I even left town to come home. WOW what a drive home. I listen to audible books almost three times a day. In the morning through my “getting ready” routine, on the way in and on the way home. Sometimes I miss listening to music. Last night I cranked one of my favorite CD’s on the way home from the Indigo Girls. It brings me back…..college was such a different time. I was a different person. So free and so fearful, to a fault almost. There are many times I was too careless but I’m still here LOL!

There is nothing like the roof off the Jeep on a gorgeous drive home, with the wind in your hair, singing along without a care in the world. So anyway we headed to our favorite spot for pizza in Freedom, WI.

Leap In, Freedom WI

Leap-In is a little bar in Freedom, WI. They have the BEST pizza ever! I’ll add the menu for you guys also. There is a huge bar, so there is always somewhere to sit, it’s typically pretty quiet and chill. Just enough people to have a conversation with the people across the bar or next to you and always with our favorite bartender. She is so sweet and so nice and always there on Thursday’s. We love just chilling for a few hours and being so close to home. The gorgeous drive is always so relaxing. It’s like 15-20 minutes and it feels good once in a while not to cook right?

Anyway their pizza you guys. So they are known for pre-making all these amazing pizza’s you can buy frozen to take home or cooked up and in a box. They have a full menu also. Last night was wings, which looked amazing but the pizza is so good we had to do it. Their Friday fish is amazing also! SO SO SO good. I can remember being there years ago when we saw them put all the pizza’s together. Mike and Donna used to own it but have now sold to Bobbi & Jeremy and they haven’t lost a beat! If you haven’t been you have to go and check it out. There are also many Saturday nights they have live music.

Our drive and Kitty Wompus Kitty Rescue

So it’s hard to write about but I have to tell you my little secret. So you all know we just lost our beloved glue a few weeks ago. It’s hard to talk about. I haven’t told you all the stories of our Kitty Wompus. He was my first kitty. He was our black gentlemen, our main man, my beloved Wompus, my best friend. I lost him during Covid quarantine last year in March. It was the for sure the toughest month of my life. It feels weird to write or think about it because I put all that grief in a box and sealed it up tight as a top! It’s still something I can’t come to terms with.

Our vet is in Little Chute so on the way there, which was many a trip with Wompus, as he had asthma, liver and kidney disease and we doctored him a lot we took the back road home always. We would sneak home as he was now relaxed after already being to see Dr Sarah along this gorgeous road, which will remain nameless. He and I would always dream about having Kitty Wompus Kitty Rescue. I so have always wanted a hobby farm and a big barn that I could fill with stray and unwanted kitties. We would talk about how we would name it Kitty Wompus Kitty Rescue and how we would save all the little guys just like him. Wompus was a stray rescue who needed a home who filled my life and my heart so full it was overflowing. He was the best animal to ever walk the earth and we wanted to have a place were unwanted and unloved animals could go and have a home and be safe! He didn’t make it to be the king of that dream but maybe someday we still can fulfill that one in his honor.

The drive home past the spot we planned to build that dream last night was ethereal. I had to pull over and take a walk into the space and take some pictures. It is a very special place for me. I can vividly remember driving down this road with him many times after being told he was going to live or he was getting better. We made so many trips to see Dr Sarah over his last years when we were unsure of his health and condition, and he pulled through so many times.

Animals are the best thing ever and deserve all our love and kindness. If you get the chance to donate to any of the local shelters this summer or donate some time I highly recommend it.

I feel very blessed to get to witness things like this!

Thanks for the ear, all your kindness and listening! Adopt a shelter kitty. I promise it will be the best thing you ever do. There is so much love in those little guys it’s hard to not see it pouring out their bodies. Stay safe, enjoy the weather and have an amazing holiday weekend Wisconsin!

Make memories, take pictures, and take a second to take it all in, lives moves pretty fast…….summertime is a treasured season here in Wisconsin. Make it count!

Enjoy the summertime go catch some fire flies or take a walk on a country road. We are very fortune to live were we do. If you don’t live here come visit SOON!!! We would love to host you and show you Wisconsin’s glory in SUMMERTIME!


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A girl can dream right?

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