Summer at Franklin Lake

How do you explain your favorite place on earth?

If I had to pick a favorite time of day I guess sunset over the water wins. It is an experience each time.

Summertime on Franklin Lake is the best it gets! This is a place of peace and of tranquility. It is a place I refer to as my haven. It is tucked back off of Hwy 70 about 15 miles in the national forest. About 7 miles East of Eagle River you head south on Military Road. There are signs to guide you. It’s a place you need to experience to understand.

The cleanest water I know!

The water is so clear and clean it’s unreal.

It is quiet. So quiet! The water is calm, clean and clear! The loons call every night and the birds wake you in the morning. A day of rain feels like a shower from the heavens.

I can’t remember what year we found her but if I had to guess it was 2003. I have no idea how we found it. But we did. Our first trip here was a total disaster. I’ll tell you about that later, it’s a great story. Almost 75% of the lake is national forest. There is very little private property surrounding her which is I suppose why it’s so great.

Hiking to her and around her, from her and to her neighboring lakes are all amazing trails. The campground is unreal. The sites are almost all on the water. Well 30% of them. There are a few circles of sites that are not directly sitting on the lake but they are all within a close walk. There is also a trail right on her that goes from the boat landing all the way through. There are a few private benches by the water that have family names etc….it’s a very special place.

Sunset in the forest!

Hiking is breathtaking!

There are many hikes that seem ethereal. It almost is as if a piece of heaven has landed in front of your eyes.

Each year when we go for the first time I cry. Someday we hope to live on her shores. Until then I have to visit as many times as I can to fill the void I didn’t know I had until the day we first met. I will share much more in the future about her including some stores of her famous island and it’s many fantastic magical creatures.

Water so blue it could be it’s own Pantone chip!

Have a great day. Enjoy the simple things. Life is short and time goes too fast…

Take the time to smell the forest!

We often just walk the road and enjoy the quiet!


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Summer at Franklin Lake

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