Meet The Team

Big H and I met in 2003 through a mutual friend.  He was still in college and I had just moved back to Wisconsin from Atlanta.  We instantly became friends.  We are super different.  He is book smart, SUPER intelligent, majorly political and very much into sports as he played football through college.  I on the other hand am artsy, ultra creative, a boss, coach, and love more of the finer things (well at least looking at them and putting them together) in life.  What makes us work is our love for the outdoors, each other, and our little family. 

We used to camp almost every weekend when we first met.  We spent our first weekends together exploring the state and all its parks have to offer like two little kids.  We have many stories of our amazing trips and our disastrous ones.  We are obsessed with a great supper club. We love meeting up with his parents, mine, or our friends for Friday night fish.  We often spend the evening in our backyard or screen porch over a cocktail with our furry family.  Our dream is to move North and live on the shores of our favorite lake and spend the rest of our lives being one with nature.  I would love nothing more than to add a hobby farm of chickens, goats, and a small cow to our family.  He would like to spend his nights camped in the woods beside a blazing fire.  We both believe we don't live to work and with our fingers and toes crossed we want to bring that dream to you...

I also very firmly believe that there are many of you out there that would love to follow us along this the lake.  To spend a half hour a day looking at what nature has provided us in this glorious state of ours with all it's little quirks.  

the analyst
the creative
the glue

Who is Big H?  H is a complicated soul.  He has a passion for the unique as he his unique.  He is so book smart it scares me and remembers EVERYTHING..  Trust me it kinda annoying LOL.  He grew up in a small town outside of the "valley" in Wisconsin.  He has the best family!  They are a big group and when we first met it was rather intimating.  So many people, how do you keep them all straight....but I learned to love them all.  His father and mother both have eight siblings. He has so many cousins I don't think I could count them all.   So when I say a big family, I mean a big family.     His parents are literally the nicest people you could ever run into anywhere.  They would give you the shirt off their back and then some if needed.  

H was the cutest kid ever and grew into a huge force to be reckoned with in sports.  He was all state in wrestling and played football in high school and college and has gone down 

infamously in history as one of the best to play ball at his liberal arts college.  He is obsessed with baseball, football, and is crazy into politics.  He was a government major in college and he knows more about politics than any person I know walking around.  

He is steadfast, loyal to a fault, and has the biggest heart of any man I know other than my father.  He picks me up when I fall (which is a lot cause I'm a klutz), protects me from harm, and loves me unconditionally even though I'm super bossy and a crazy neat freak.  He supports my seemingly unattainable dreams and doesn't normally get in the way when I want to go to TJ Maxx LOL.

H is the glue to this website and the eyes to my crazy punctuation and run on sentences.  He helps me see the big picture when I just want to see the rainbow.  

the analyst

the creative

I'm Amy the creative.  I have a BS in apparel and textile design and a love for the outdoors.  I grew up loving to take walks with my dad in the woods and canoeing with him on our little lake.  When my brother was born we learned how to have fun with just each other.  We lived in rural Wisconsin so there wasn't much to do but be together.  

As a teen I developed a love LOVE for fashion and all things beautiful.  My mother and grandmother are the inspiration here.  I spent a week with my grandmother every summer and she was a big influence on my life.  She looked like she stepped out of a magazine every place she went.  Shoes and bag to match, perfect placed make up and hair, and always had a smile on her face.  Her love of leopard print is what made me love to put together outfits.  I've been told I was already layering outfits at two years old in the play pen.  

I went to UW Madison and finished my degree in NYC at FIT.  I started designing right out of school and moved up fast.  After bouncing all around the country for years I ended up back in WI at Oshkosh B'Gosh and was lost.  I met H shortly afterwards and never left. 

Trying to find my way, I went store side and have run retail teams ever since.  From eighty million dollar stores to 5 million dollar stores.  And although I love all people I have met across the way and have formed lifetime friendships dressing thousands, I have never lost my love for nature and it's beauty.  My current day job is not creative at all.  

My dream is to bring you all that I love in a pretty package and inspire you to reach for your dream.  I hope to bring you peace and an outlet to explore your soul and the forest.

the glue

cletus carter

Who is Cletus Carter?  He is  "the duck," bae, the little whinny kitty that is our glue.  He is one of the 3 rescues that we have called our son.  He was our number two.  Carter is our baby boy. He follows me everywhere. He sleeps by my head at night, follows me up the stairs when I get home, sits next to the shower while I get ready and sleeps all day when I'm gone. He talks on the phone with my mom and completes us. 

I grew up with beagles. I LOVE dogs. I never ever thought I would have a cat.   For years I listening to people say they aren't social, and have no personality. Or so I was told.  All the above is untrue.  Well I guess that goes for any animal.  Animals are the result of how you treat them and how much you love them.

Our first rescue Kitty Wompus left us earlier this year in March of 2020. I rescued him before meeting H and he was my strength. He was the most loving, loyal, animal any girl could ever ask for and now he's gone.


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