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Here comes the sleet…….

I am off today from my full time job, snuggled in the master, curled up in a sherpa with my lab top and my Scout. Fueled by too much coffee and a dire need to see the sun ☀️ shine again. I am starting to hear the icy sleet hit the windowpane.

Work has been tough lately, life has been tough. When winter starts to dwindle I find myself making lists to get to spring.

Spring 🌸 is in 26 days!

I can’t wait to post this GIF on my Insta feed. I am longing for the ☀️ sun, it’s heat and warmth, and to sit outside, be outside, and feel alive again.

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I was debating on what to write to you all today. And I find that maybe you need some retail therapy as I did last week.

Shopping with my bestie!

I got to have lunch and spend the day with my mom. I don’t think we have been to Milwaukee shopping since before Covid hit. It has been way too long.

I spent way to much $ but it was fun. I found the garden of Eden in an embroidered bench that makes me happy every day………

I found it at my favorite brick and mortar retailer: TJMAXX of course!!!!!!! There were two, but this was the only one in Yellow!!!!!

It is by far my favorite find there ever! Every time I look at it I will think of her!

So here comes my favorite things!

I was scrolling through Insta this morning and thought I would share. My top 15 ❤️ of right now. I’ll add the links for you guys! I apologize that this post is going to appeal mainly to the ladies who read my blog but none the less…….here goes!

My top 15 shopping spots, inspirational spots, and who to follow for fun on Instagram 😍

You can’t count TJ MAXX because it goes without saying right? LOL! 😂

#1. The Good Quote is something I read almost every day 😊 !

Thanks for the good vibes, happiness, perspective AND smiles!!

#2. My new MUST HAVE ring from:

Emily Jane Designs. What an incredible talent! You can follow her here:

Don’t you want this ring, I mean seriously…….check out the rest of her stuff on the link 👇 :

#3. is #Campvibes anything adventure makes me 😃

#4. Classic rock couture! Hands down the best rock n roll threads around!

You need to check these guys out if you love vintage rock looks. I am OBSESSED!!!

You can shop there website 👇

#5. Best road trips! I ❤️ a good road trip and this one is run to follow: I have always wanted to go to Bryce Canyon…..some day!

#6. Great CHEAP clothing. Cute stuff, read the reviews for sizing and you can splurge on trendy stuff for way less than regular retail…….

#7. The most talented colorist I know is running a sale on the best products!

R&Co is the “shit!” I use them exclusively now and you get what you pay for people! My hair has NEVER been longer, healthier, shinier OR more natural looking and full than TODAY!!!

22% off today if you buy more than one product.

You for sure want this: It’s a leave in conditioner and it’s completely turned my hair into a lion’s mane! ❤️ 💝 💕 It also smells divine. For summer just wash, add suncatcher, and GO!!!!!!! Air dry is the new blow out you know 😂 !

#8. I don’t have a little girl but if I did I would obsess over these:

They are the most precious and beautiful bows I have ever seen! ❤️ 💕 💝

#9. If you watch Yellowstone you understand!

I think I am on my 5th time watching all the season’s. I miss Rip and Beth………

I miss this show so much and to think we have to wait until fall makes me want to “take someone to the train station!”

#10. I have always wanted to go to Europe. Maybe some day……

This shop is a must for me…….I feel like I could spend the day here 👇

#11. Native jewelry is my vibe and I absolutely love to follow them 👇

#12. My new favorite necklace I have to have for summer. I am a LEO sign and I need this stat!


#13. Grandin Road and Easter! Enough said……….they are doing 25% today FYI!

Find all there amazing indoor and outdoor decor 👇

#14. If you journal and want to write here’s an easy way to do it. Take it one day at a time as a start……..find the link 👇

Every person has a story worth sharing!!

My mom wrote a book this year to celebrate the life of our family and all it’s treasures!


I have hundreds of ideas on the website and blog. There are my TOP 5 spots to visit…..the list is endless. Explore the blog and webpage and find your next favorite spot!

Find the link below: 👇

I am updating the website daily to spring vibes!

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm, spring is on its way. Hope you liked my favorite things and places to adventure. More to come soon ~ Amy

Happy shopping and reading!

How old are you? Have you had a summer you would proclaim the best of your life? If you think back can you proclaim ONE to be THE BEST?

Sunset at loser Jims cabin in the summer
Summertime sunsets are simply the best!

What would that summer season need to be filled with or look like if it WAS THE BEST? If you have had an amazing one I would love for you to share. Tell us! What made that summer the best of your life? If you haven’t it’s time!

So much has changed since fall of 2019. The world has changed. The world has made the most drastic changes in my lifetime and I am almost 50 years young. Our politics have torn the nation and our state apart. They have divided us like we have never been divided before. The virus has taken away our freedoms to hug, be close to people, share with people, and just feel safe. It has taken so many lives that it’s hard not to be socially and mentally affected by how it has changed us. The global pandemic, no matter what you believe scientifically, has changed how we live as human beings and Wisconsinites!

Summer on the Beach with huntwer
My favorite beach buddy a few summer’s ago….time goes way to fast!

Summertime is a time of freedom! From work, our homes, layers of clothing, and sometimes from our families. We take time off, spend time outside more than ever, and live lighter. We go to camps as teens and children, spend time with extended family, and we also do things we would not normally do, socially and physically.

It is a time to stay up late. Watch the sun set, eat outdoors, take long walks, be in the sunshine, and dance in the rain. It is a time of adventure. A time to take risks and a time to work hard! It is a time of peaceful solace and a time of rest.

Summertime smells so good. The fresh cut grass and the growing wild flowers bring memories back and soothe the soul. The tree’s sing with the breeze and even the hummingbirds wings make sound. You just have to listen closely.

The day is just beginning and anything is possible in summertime!

So many of us have had bouts of depression and had to get through tough times throughout the past 18 months. We have re-evaluated what’s important and made changes. We’ve had to get new jobs and have tried new hobbies. We’ve all buckled down but have also taken risks for our families and our future.

It’s time to make plans. Enjoy the little things. Be outside. Live lighter and bigger and bolder. Do what makes YOU happy and do it OFTEN! Stop worrying, leave it with Him! Go get that puppy or kitty, build your dream patio, or purchase land for your second home or cabin. This summertime is the time to take the risk and be happy! The only thing stopping you from doing what YOU want to do is your own fear. Don’t let your fear get in the way of making this summertime the best one of your life!

You guessed it my favorite forest and favorite lakes! This is a vintage postcard I treasure!

Make a list! Check it off! The season goes way to fast. We all know that! What do you want to accomplish by Labor Day? Plan it out and do it! How will you feel if you can check it off your list on September 1st? What memories do you want to have by then?

Whatever you do, I wish you success and happiness! This summer I am risking it all and diving deep into my creative passions and we’ll see where it takes me. I am going to find my balance again and live for today. Each day is a gift and, unfortunately, we never know when they will stop coming. I wish you the best summertime season you have ever had. Filled with love, laughter and good health. I’ll be here giving you tips on place to go and things to do and encouraging you along the way.

Golden hour is 100% my favorite time to reflect on the day and the sun soon to be setting…

I hope you enjoy the updated website and all it’s tips and photographs. Photography has been a labor of love and passion of mine for almost twenty years. Pictures make me happy and sharing them with you somehow validates my life here in Wisconsin. I have lived all over the country and came back in my early thirties. I feel fortunate to know a lot about our state and beautiful places to spend my time. My goal is to share those places with you so you can do the same. Life is 100% about balance. We were not put on this earth to work. We were put here to be kind and reap what we sow and help the earth flourish. To share and to support each other and it’s animals and forests. I encourage you to do the same and to spend more time outside. I can tell you from experience it will make a huge difference in your life!

Coffee cheers Wisconsin! Make this the summertime of your dreams! I’ll see you in the forest…….

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