Sunday in the country!

Field in the country

Well we did it! We overcame heart surgery, crazy work schedules, hundreds of miles, and Covid 19 to be together AGAIN for the second time in just four weeks. That is an incredible accomplishment for our family. This time we got to celebrate my birthday, and just be together in the country.

Family photo

My parents live sort of half way in between my brother and I in the country in rural Wisconsin. H and I live North and my brother and his family live south. I work a crazy retail/medical schedule which includes very little weekend time off, so it’s virtually impossible to spend time with all the people in your life. Weekend time off is treasured.

We had some fun LOL!

The weather was cool and very unseasonal for the end of August. But it was amazing to be outside and relax in the country air. Every time I go home I am reminded what a lucky child I was.

I grew up in the middle of a large woods with nature at my finger tips in the Wisconsin countryside. We had a pond, forts, miles of farm fields to explore and of course our home away from home Twix. I’ll tell you all about Twix another time.

My mom was pregnant and 27 years old when she stained every single piece of woodwork and door that built our house. They purchased the land from a local farmer and built it with the help of family and friends.

Today it looks very much the same but also so different. My mom went into labor with me while my father was laying the cement for the garage floor. It’s a story I’ll have to tell you guys some day.

Summer was always a special time in the country. My father was home all summer as he was a teacher and we spent every single moment outside. It’s hard to believe how time has flown by. The tree’s just don’t look the same anymore. We made wood all summer long to heat the house and played outside.

When you live in the country all the animals around you become yours as a child. Even the ducks. One morning I brought a lost duckling home. I thought I was the richest girl on earth, I had a duck……dad made me take her back to her family in the pond but for that hour she was all mine.

As I walked around the property on Sunday I am astounded at how everything has grown over time. The tree’s just keep getting bigger and the canopy more dense. It’s hard to believe. We moved in just days after I was born.

I have never known another place to call “home.” The thought of not having this special place to come home to is hard. It’s not going anywhere soon but some day I know I will have to drive down this driveway for the last time and it will 100% break my heart, and shatter it into pieces so small I can’t imagine how I will put them back together.

We have hand prints in the barn floor’s, countless treasured animals buried in the “beagle cemetery,” tree’s we planted all over the property we have watched grow for decades. There are remnants of tree forts, tee pee’s, initials carved, places I used to hide no one knows about……the list is endless.

When a piece of land becomes a part of who you are as a person for almost fifty years it takes a second to even think of the list. I can’t imagine how many times my father has cut the grass here. It must be thousands.

From birthday parties, graduation parties and just simple BBQ’s, Sunday afternoon’s are filled with so many memories.

I vividly remember being a part of building the deck off the back. I also remember my mother suggesting that one of the dogs get part of a blueberry muffin during the process, and life was never the same for that little beagle. We blew her mind LOL!

Everything is 100% better in the country and especially when you have family to share it with.

Happy Birthday to me!

This was my parents on their anniversary the year before Covid. They are very special people. There were tough, discipled, and strong.

Barb and Al

Life in the country was not fair, easy or glamorous but it was full of love and strength. Our family is a bunch of fighters. We ALL have fought tooth and nail for everything we have. We paved each road ourselves, built what we have from the ground up (sometimes multiple times), and appreciate the little things.

The country brings peace I have known only there. To hear the frogs and crickets at the end of a long day is a treasure only some get to experience. It sounds like home!

Family photo

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Sunday in the country!

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