And just like that he is gone…

It’s hard to even say it but we are empty nesters now. Cletus Carter Kitty crossed the rainbow bridge this morning to meet his brothers around 10:00am. His mouth cancer had spread to his lips and he hadn’t been eating for almost five days. He was such a good kitty. He knew! I think Wompus called him home. I truly believe that!

Cletus Carter what a kid. He was a rescue also, our glue! He was left in an abandoned apartment with another kitten his age just before we rescued him. Why on earth someone would do that. Lock two 6 week old kitties in an apartment and leave with them having no chance of surviving is beyond me. A friend of ours at the time was living in the same building and called and said, “hey guys do you want another cat? I have one that needs a good home bad!” I said NO WAY but H convinced me to go over and meet him.

What a cat! He jumped up on H’s jacket and clung to him for deer life, like “please take me with you!” So we did. He hid under the Christmas tree for his first two months with us I think. I couldn’t even pick him up for well over a year.

He was groomed, loved and guided by our Wompus. He was such a good brother. He taught him the ropes. He helped him understand everything and they were inseparable until he passed this past March during quarantine of an asthma attack which we now believe was Covid. Carter called for him almost every night after he passed. It was so hard to hear and now they are reunited for life in the most glorious of places with their brother Fearless, and all the other amazing animals we have all loved over the years!

Cletus Carter was quite the kitty. He was so good. Never did a thing wrong but scratch on my rugs. Today I am numb. I ran errands to keep myself busy and then came home to clean. I packed up all his stuff, hundreds of toys, 10 kitty beds, all different kinds of food everything under the sun. I am going to donate it to some friends at work and the amazing team at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Little Chute, WI. We have been clients of theirs since I can remember and I no longer have to go there. All three are gone.

Dr Sara Popp was his vet for all these years. She is the kindest most genuine human I have ever met. We cried together today when I said goodbye. She was so helpful wrapping him up in a blanket and snuggling him. He is now at peace and not in pain anymore and chasing butterflies while Wompus stares at him wondering why he doesn’t just lay down and chill! Those two!

H and I were married in 2008 and tried for years to have kids. It just wasn’t in the cards. So we had kitties. Three amazing little souls we loved with everything we had. And now all three are gone. I am numb! Packing everything up today somehow felt like a small relief, that I don’t have to feel this kind of pain again. I can’t imagine what it will be like to come home to an empty house. No one there to greet me and meow, begging for food or treats. To let out on the screen porch or rock and sing too.

I don’t know what life after kitties feels like but I do know that it will be a very very long time before this heart starts to feel whole again…

A little boy once said to his father…. “cats don’t live as long as people do dad cause cats already know how to be kind when they get here…….it doesn’t take them years to figure it out, so they don’t have to stay as long!” How true is that?

If you are close family or even friends H and I ask that you give us some time before you call, text or even email. We are taking this one really hard. The past few weeks have been really really tough watching him go downhill. He is our last and it’s like we lost our son. In a few days maybe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel but for now we just want to be….thanks for understanding!


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And just like that he is gone…

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