Ahnapee Brewery, Suamico, WI

Hey guys have you been to the new Ahnapee Brewery in Suamico, WI? If you haven’t it’s a must go! H and I went this week and the beer is AMAZING! I have to admit I’m not a beer girl. I do prefer a cocktail but H’s love for beer has grown on me over the years! I don’t love IPA’s but I do love something different when it has great flavor.

Ahnapee’s Brews

They have a new beer called Whiskey Lite. It’s an ale aged in whiskey barrels and it is AMAZING! I drank the entire sample before H got to taste it. That NEVER happens! I also loved Cherry Wood. It’s a baltic porter that is aged in actual cherry wood from Door County. It was fantastic. H, the beer drinker, thought that Tank Top Shark was the best beer he had there. He says its a kettle sour. I hate sour beers so I will have to take his word for it. Way to GO Ahnapee Brewery!

The Ambience

This was for sure my favorite. I LOVE whiskey and it was phenomenal and easy to drink!
The space is big and relaxing and we felt super safe!

The new space at Ahnapee Brewery in Suamico is HUGE. It’s clean, quiet, and they have outdoor seating. We were there on gorgeous Monday night, it was definitely relaxing. We didn’t have to share the place with very many people. Joel was serving up brews and was super friendly and very nice! They also have great snacks to tide you over if you are headed to dinner or just need some “naush!”

They have a tee shirt contest going on through Memorial Day so get creative if that’s you. You could win some prizes and your design on a shirt and an invite to the big reveal party!

We have been going to Ahnapee Brewery for years in Algoma, WI and have always loved it. H says they have always had great beer. The Suamico location doesn’t have the lake appeal or their quaint little garage but it’s comfortable, closer, and this summer will be a must go for great outdoor seating and great beer!

Hit them up this weekend and enjoy a cold Whiskey Lite, Cherry Wood or Tank Top Shark! Their beer is great! The Suamico location lacks the charm of their original tap house in Algoma, WI but it does, however, provide more beer choices. Either location is great and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. PROST!!!


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Ahnapee Brewery, Suamico, WI

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