Thank you!!

Barb Novak and little Amy Heindl
Partners in crime since the beginning!

Hey everyone. Tonight I just need to take the time to thank you all! A few weeks ago I posted a blog sharing my insane nerves about my mom’s upcoming surgery! You guys sure made a difference and I need to say THANK YOU!

I asked you all to pray and pray you did! Her surgery did NOT go as planned. There were many complications and she ended up in ICU. Her blood pressure spiked so high the cardiologist thought she was seconds from having a stroke. Her artery wouldn’t stop bleeding…..and on and on and on…

Barb Novak and Baby Amy
My mom feeding little me

I have to believe you ALL made a huge difference in the outcome. I 100% believe in the power of prayer. Hundreds of you read that post (as of tonight it’s almost a thousand)! I am so unbelievably thankful for all the thoughts, prayers, and every single one of you who reached out!

I can’t tell you how the past few weeks has affected my life. Specifically my daily choices and how I choose to live. I have been met with my ultimate worst fear and I haven’t been as ironclad as I hoped! Life is so so so short. It feels like in a blink of an eye I aged…..

Barb Novak and Amy Heindl Swimming
Country life, enough said! 1975 bliss!

I remember being young and carefree….and then I truly think about it and I don’t. I can’t think of a day I don’t go to bed in pain or with worry. Not that it always keeps me up, but it does often. I am consciously choosing not to let it anymore. It’s like a switch flipped. I walked up to a wall and flipped it! I knew it when I did it but then, I think about it and I can’t pin point the time I did it.

Tomorrow my husband and I are throwing a recovery party for my mom. We are safe, vaccinated, and headed into summer. It almost feels selfish to type! We were all together at Easter this past April, but it feels like the earth shifted since.

Barb Novak Amy Heindl Arlene Novak
I think this is 1998 if I had to guess.

In the photo above I was home from Columbus, OH. I was working as a technical designer at Limited Too. My brother and I drove hours home to surprise my family for a birthday celebration, not knowing that my grandmother (left) leaked we were coming….LOL! I vividly remember posing for this picture! It feels like it was yesterday. I wish I could be that young, carefree, and fearless woman again. She was so much stronger than I am today! She was literally fearless! Then again how could I not be, standing between these two! There is so much power in this picture it brings me to tears. How one moment in time can feel like it stands still…..

I am blessed! I am thankful and, more than anything, I am grateful for your prayers, my family is my everything!


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Thank you!!

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