Where does time go?

I think this was 2014. Lunch at Maggiano’s our usual spot, when shopping. It feels like eon’s ago………..why do we take time for granted?

Where does time go? Really I mean it….where does it go? We go through each day like robots. We go to bed, play on our phones, read FB, make lists, think about tomorrow, make more lists, get up and go to the bathroom again, drink some water, make another list, check email again, set an alarm, roll over, change the channel, change it again, check email again, check FB again, now search Insta, respond to a text message…..check our business #’s, roll over again and turn off the light….just now to realize this vicious cycle has gone on for hours and it’s now much later than we planned to get a “good nights rest” for our BIG day tomorrow!

Most of us work a lot. I work a lot! My days consist of constant follow up to constant lists of things to do and things to check and people to touch base with. Tonight as I sit here writing to you all alone in a restaurant I wonder….where does the time go?

Tomorrow the most influential person in my life has heart surgery! I said it out loud. I even wrote it down. I have no idea how we got here. How am I almost 50 and she is 75. I am by no means complaining. For those of you without a loved one I apologize. This part of life is new to me. I must admit. I have watched from afar, grieved and felt all those aweful feelings but never EVER this close to home. This time it’s mom. My best friend, the person I eat here with. The person that is supposed to be across the table from me right now. I don’t think I’ve been this scared since I got on my first plane ride and up and moved to NYC as a 21 year old girl with the biggest dreams in the world. That day I was prepared. Well I thought I was. Jeez that was the biggest, best culture shock of my life. I would give anything to go back in time and feel that free. That was an amazing few years!

So my mom is having heart surgery tomorrow. I felt like such a dork on the phone with her tonight. My entire life, all the things running through my head and I said……..”well I don’t want to stay on the phone with you too long, cause I’m really worried about tomorrow so I’m gonna let you go………”. She’s a super super private person so she’ll be really mad that I’m even writing about this, but I needed to get it out! Put it out in the universe. So even if ONE more prayer makes a difference it helps! So if you pray, whoever you pray too, Budda, Jesus, God, Allah……pray for her tonight! I beg you to add her to your nightly ritual!!!

She is one of the most selfless people on the planet. She thinks of every other person she see’s before herself. Especially my father, my brother and myself. I am 100% completely spoiled in that regard. She even asks about my kitty, Cletus Carter. I know she wanted to be able to take Venica along shopping some day, but it wasn’t in the cards. I brought Venica home from my grandmother’s house the week my brother was born. She was my imaginary friend and I assumed some day to be my daughter. I have no idea where I got that name from but she was my best friend for years. I never had children. As a child shopping trips with my mom and grandmother, bring some of my best memories. We had so much fun! SOOO much fun!

I apologize for going on and on and on. Life in Wisconsin has been an outlet for me. A place to tell stories, a place to download ideas. I LOVE to tell you where to go and what to do. I love to give you ideas on how to have fun. Tonight I needed a favor. From all of you! I need you to pray! I needed to tell you and put it out there so even if one more little suggestion gets us success tomorrow………..I will be indebted to you guys for life. Life in Wisconsin is about life. Life is typically typical right? Today it’s not. It’s about forks in the road. BIG ONES! I 100% know how to navigate fork #1…..I have NO IDEA how to do the other option…………


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Where does time go?

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