I have a little secret to share! It is our all time FAVORITE place for a burger and a beer! It’s DeGreef’s Bar and Grill in Wayside, WI.

Hella good cheeseburger
The cheeseburgers are amazing and the pickles are divine!

Degreef’s Has The Best Bar food around!

This is a little joint in the middle of the beautiful farm fields in Northeast Wisconsin It’s just southeast of Green Bay and it’s bar food is literally the best in the world. You can have a couple drinks, some burgers, and fries and leave with a tab under $30 EASY!

It’s on the corner just as you come through town. You can’t miss it! Wayside is a super small town south of Morrison on County Hwy W. Jesse and Kara are two of the nicest, hard working, and genuine people you will ever met! They run an exceptional business with that midwestern “your always welcome” feel!

Degreef’s Famous Broasted Chicken & Friday Fish!

On Sunday’s they are famous for cooking up crazy amounts of broasted chicken buckets. Friday nights are traditional fish fry and every other day of the week is burger heaven. They also have my my all time favorite bar food ever: breaded and deep fried mushrooms. NO ONE has those anymore!

Hamburger Charlie would be proud!

I think H and I have been coming here for almost 20 years now. It has been since before we were married and that will be 13 years in the fall. When we lived in Green Bay we used to be there more often, but now that we are almost an hour drive it’s typically an occasional Sunday stroll through the country for us. Living in Seymour we always say………”if you could put DeGreef’s in Seymour (birthplace of the hamburger), Hamburger Charlie would be proud!”

1950’s Style Burger!

If you love a good 1950’s thin cheeseburger on a great bun with pickles and fried onions you haven’t lived until you have had theirs! The ladies are also always served cut in half. It’s a cute and amazing touch.

degreefs burger best burger in the history of burgers i want one now.
Literally the best hamburger / cheeseburger that as ever existed/


Take a drive some Sunday and enjoy a cocktail and then have the best burger you will EVER HAVE!! No seriously I literally promise it’s the BEST CHEESEBURGER IN WISCONSIN!!


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DeGreef's Bar, Wayside, WI


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