The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 3

The Awassa Nature Preserve & Hiking Trails, St Germaine, WI in Vilas County

The Awassa Nature Preserve trail system is amazing! So beautiful and it’s pretty much flat and easy to navigate. It almost calls to you. It has a sense of peace. The forest canopy is completely unreal!

Awassa Nature Preserve Trail
Late in the afternoon, the sun was starting to take it’s daily decent to the West and the landscape was breathtaking. I think I took more pictures than footsteps. It was mesmerizing to be there.

An easy/beginner trail offering a system of level, shaded trails that meander through stands of mature pines, oaks, maples, and a rich understory of balsam fir. Three hiking loops of varied length provide for pleasurable walking. During the winter, the portions of the trail system that do not coincide with the snowmobile trail are available for walking, snowshoeing, skiing, and fat tire biking. Biking is only allowed in the winter season.
Awassa Nature Preserve Trail Map
The trail system is pretty nice. Something for everyone. You can download a copy for yourself to print below!

You can also download the Vilas County Trail app to your phone and watch your progress as you hike. I have had the app for a long time and really like it. It’s easy to find trails that work for you depending on length, season and if you are hiking, snowshoeing, biking, or just strolling for a while. I LOVE to hike for a full afternoon, but sometimes we just don’t have the time and I just need to sit in the forest and breath. The older I get the more I need that and there are plenty places to feed the soul in Vilas County!

Vilas County Trail App & Activity Page

You can download the app here: Vilas County Trail App!! TRUST ME, you will LOVE IT! There is also a plan your activity page on their website that is pretty awesome. Again it helps you figure out what you want to do for the day, based on the season, your gear, and how much time you have. So much to explore in the Northwoods, so little time! You can download the Awassa Nature Preserve’s hiking trail map here.

Rest area at the trail head at the Awassa Nature Preserve
There are a few spots just off the parking lot to sit and just enjoy the woods and/or rehydrate before and after you hike.

The Awassa Nature Preserve Trail System is so easy to find!

It’s super easy to find right off of Hwy 70 just slightly West of St. Germaine on the North side of the road. The parking area is large and feels very safe. It was a beautiful day and we had a blast enjoying the old growth trees and the late afternoon sunshine. It is a MUST SEE for the area and an easy hike!

The Forest is my Therapist!

Being in the forest is always a good day for me. I find peace here and also a resurgence of energy and positive light. Life can be hard and when I find myself running low we head North.

trail map at Awassa Nature Preserve
The trail head shows all the trail lengths and also provides clean up for your pets which is awesome!

The woods renews my sense of purpose. It helps me remember what’s important and what my end goal is: to live in it and surrounded by it!! I grew up in the woods and would run to it in my darkest hours. I would hide as a child or just sit and play. As a teen I would cry, or plan, or dream, depending on the mood swing LOL! As an adult I long for the peace that the fresh air scented with pine that brings me!

tree tops
The mature canopy is almost overwhelming at first. I found it hard to walk forward while looking up. I almost tripped multiple times.

The forest brings me peace in a way that nothing can. Mother Nature is someone who needs our help. When you hike or picnic, pick up after yourself. Respect the land and what it offers you! Teach your children to not only respect but appreciate the gift we are given as Sconnies. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful places in the world. There is so much to appreciate here. There is often so little time to enjoy it. Plan your down time, even if it’s just a Sunday afternoon. I am a HUGE planner. If I didn’t plan ahead all our little short adventures I would never make it through the days and weeks in what is my daily work life. My days in peace and quiet give me the strength to work for my team and the public. The older I get the harder that is.

Trees, lots of trees
Even the parking lot is beautiful! It was very hard to leave.

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Awassa Trail System, Vilas County, WI

The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 3

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