The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 2: Kicking Axe

Axe Throwing @ Kicking Axe in Eagle River, WI

bulls eye at kicking axe
His first try axe throwing and I did not even have my camera ready to film it. We are at Kickin Axe Up North, Eagle River, WI

I have wanted to try axe throwing for as long as I can remember. My husband and I both love the outdoors. I watch H make kindling all the time. He has all these fancy knives and different size axes. So….. I thought, “sure this sounds super fun and can’t be that hard right?” WrOnG! Not only is axe throwing hard to do, it takes some serious skill to figure out.

My H killin’ it!!

Here is what I learned about axe throwing:

  • Don’t use all your strength.
  • Hold the axe from the bottom for leverage.
  • Make sure to keep the axe as straight as possible.
  • Don’t go farther back than your head when about to throw.
  • Release it slower than faster about 3 rotations will hit the board with the blade right when you cross the line.
  • Have lots of patience!
  • Aim higher than lower to hit the bullseye!
  • It really is fun when you get the hang of it!
  • If you have a ton of upper body strength you might not get the hang of it as fast as you would think.

I have to admit, if you Google tips on axe throwing you will probably get better advice. These are the trial and error things I found to help me. My husband is super super strong and he was not as good at it as I was. I scored higher than he did and I honestly believe it is because I threw slower and softer and I hit the board more often and scored higher.

Kickin Axe Up North, Eagle River, WI

We made our reservations (it’s $20 a person/hour) before we arrived in town. It was a Saturday when we arrived so I was unsure how busy they would be. There was one other party there. Having a lot of the place to ourselves was really nice. An hour was plenty. My arm was not soar but I was disappointed that I was not better at it. I think if we do it again I might pick it up faster.

The staff was super nice and the space was well taken care of and super clean. Maybe I should have taken their advice and worn plaid……….

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Kickin' Axe Throwing

The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 2: Kicking Axe

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