The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 1

Land Rover Eggs Benedict at 6th street filling station
The Land Rover is incredible!

Chapter 1: The 6th Street Filling Station in Wausau, WI

This past Saturday we decided to get some fresh air. We wanted to spend some quality time away for a few days and just relax and be outside so I booked us a spot in Minocqua, WI last minute. It was time for us to unwind and decompress. The past few months have been hard and very tiring.

I ended up making a LONG, LONG list of “things to do”. Finding a new spot for a great breakfast for a pre-hiking excursion was my #1 thing TO DO before arriving in the woods Saturday afternoon. Honestly, I don’t know the Wausau area very well. We spend a lot of time on Rib Mountain but have not spent a lot of time in town. So search on Google it was.

I found two contenders and went with the spot that had the best reviews and boy am I glad I did. We visited the 6th Street Filling Station for breakfast. Wow what a treat!

6th Street Filling Station is a classic diner with a twist!

Decore at 6th street filling station
It is filled with old gas station memorabilia!

It is the cutest little diner I have been to in years. We got the last open table around 9:30am and the no wait was great. That was pure luck. The place was super busy. The walls are covered in gas station memorabilia and there are two antique gas tanks the servers use for storage. That’s such a great idea.

A unique menu with a twist on the classics!

Menu at 6th street filling station
I have a small obsession with Eggs Benedict little did I know what I as about to find!

The menu is so unique and I was a little overwhelmed with what to order. The list of things I LOVE was so long I didn’t know what to get. Eggs Benedict is one of my all time favorite breakfasts. I love them and have had this special treat in many, many states and large cities. I ordered what was called the Land Rover and it was delicious. It’s ingredients include spinach, tomato, portobello mushrooms, avocado, and was garnished with green onions. It is nothing short of amazing. The avocado and mushrooms gave it a very special twist and smoothness. The Hollandaise sauce was the BEST I have ever had. I can not wait to go back and enjoy it again. You can order delivery here and pick up here!!! ENJOY!!

zoomed in eggs benedict
Melt in your mouth poached eggs, avocado and the BEST Hollandaise sauce I have ever tasted! What a treat!

AMAZING staff!

I so enjoyed breakfast that I felt bad interrupting everyone’s relaxing Saturday morning by taking more pictures. I was able to capture a few which I will share. The staff were amazing. They were all so friendly, all wearing masks, and making everyone feel super super safe.


Thanks to the team at 6th Street Filling Station for making out Saturday morning breakfast WAY better than I thought it could be. We will be back VERY VERY SOON!


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The Northwoods Chronicles: Chapter 1

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