Let’s celebrate SPRING!!!

Overlooking the Pond at the Novak Homestead
Tuesday March 24th around 8:00am overlooking the homestead where I grew up!

Spring on my parent’s homestead

Well it’s here. It is officially SPRING!!I honestly can’t believe it. We have anniversaried this INSANE virus and made it through another winter. In WISCONSIN that is a feat in itself RIGHT? It is time to celebrate spring.

So CONGRATULATIONS! Way to go Wisconsin! We are learning to live cleaner, more careful, at home, more respectful of science, and biggest if all to “control the controllables.” RIGHT? Well at least some of us? LOL!

I use that phrase “control the controllables” at work and in coaching all the time. I use it so much sometimes I truly forget what it means. Control the controllables! What CAN we control?

Listen to those birds and critters tell us “how it’s gonna be!” They are so excited to be back to Wisconsin for the season and enjoying what God provided us….

Well for starters, our attitude! I found myself coaching with family lately. You can 100% control how you see things. Yesterday was so nice out, well till about 5:30pm right? The sun came out, it got close to 65 degrees, and I got sunburned. Sunburned raking stones…… With a crazy power sweeper. Long story…..you had to be there.

Spring is Work

Me run power equipment? Not so much. Not my forte’ to say the least. But run it I did, I ran it like a boss I must admit. What a job….I almost made it to the end of the task. Cleaning up the lawn in spring is a job huh? Spring is beautiful but a lot of work. I took a few pictures of the process but it was a job and I honestly think that those moments should just live in infamy for those that lived them…. If you where there you know why LOL.

The Back Porch in early Spring
The morning sunshine starting to peak out and play with my mind….

The day started out with the sun just peaking out. Little did we know it would be full force in an hour or two and kiss our checks with summer after a days work outside. My arms are so soar today! But the work is done and the rain came to wash away the grime.

When I arrived back at my house yesterday afternoon I found our lawn guy here to roll our property. It looks so nice! This morning after the rain the grass is starting to green and I noticed the morning doves are not only back but also at the feeders.

Hard work sucks! That’s why it’s hard. We can complain about it all day long while we are doing it…. Or we can just get it done! Every action has a compete and total reaction. We make a choice each time we speak, move, or judge. Our bodies are capable of more than we could ever imagine. Sometimes we pay for those choices physically, but isn’t that why we invented Advil? LOL!

Celebrate Spring because it is about hope and acomplishment

Today as I look out across the backyard and I see what the rain washed away. There is a new HOPE of parties to come, afternoons on the hammock, the smell of the BBQ grill, and the linger of smoke from the bonfire’s to come. I can hear laughter from my friends and family and ice clinking in crystal glasses.

We 100% have a choice! Every time we speak, move, or judge. How will YOU change your attitude today? I know what I am going to do…. Plan some parties because this backyard needs a play date! Oh and also get a pedicure because it’s 50 degrees. The sandals are comin’ OUT! It’s time to celebrate Spring.

SPRING IS HERE WISCONSIN….what are YOU gonna do about it?

Cocktails and Dreams
Cheers to SPRING and cheers to family. Our first toast out after being vaccinated. We got to enjoy a cocktail and a good meal! Life is tough, but if you are determined, you can overcome obstacles bigger than you ever imagined!

Here are a few links to a couple previous blog posts I wrote about Spring: Top 10 ways to get to spring, What is a Garage Party?, and Do You Have the Februaries?


Let’s celebrate SPRING!!!

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