Kitty Wompus: A year has gone by and nothing has changed…

Yesterday was a year since we lost our King, our beloved Kitty Wompus. I was reading something I wrote the day after his passing and I decided I had to share it. I spent some time with family the past few day and, being out of our home, I was able to watch a few videos of him for the first time since he passed.

Listening to him would bring my “glue” so much anxiety. I honestly haven’t been able to watch videos of him till this last weekend. I must have thousands of videos of Kitty Wompus and myself. Our “glue” Cletus Carter still calls for him (not as much during the day anymore) but still every single night. He paces up and and down the stairs in the foyer calling for his brother. Our hearts are forever broken, but as we remember him more this week of his passing, their are more thoughts full of love and peace. He is sleeping on a rainbow watching the butterflies…

I wrote this the day after he died and it surprises me to this day how calm I was….

Kitty Wompus looking out the Porch
I took this photo the first night the two of us stayed in our new home in Seymour. It was so hot and we enjoyed a late evening cocktail and a smell of the yard to christen in the porch. Funny how I knew the moment he walked up to the screen door I would cherish those moments for the rest of my life…

An Eulogy to Kitty Wompus

“He is gone.

Our lives will never be the same. I will never be the same person I was when I was with him.

It was spring of 2003 I think. I would drop Mark off for work super SUPER early in the morning and he was there every AM. Sitting in the gravel driveway. He was pretty cute but jeez a cat. I grew up with dogs and dogs where it. Cats were cute but I would never have a cat. Why? They weren’t snuggly and didn’t love you like a dog right?

One early evening we where on the way home and walking into the house and I said….”Mark what’s in your pocket,” and he laughed like Mark did when he knew he was doing something he shouldn’t. If you know Mark Bachhuber, you know that laugh. He said he’s so cute and his boss said we can have him. His name was supposed to be dipstick cause of the white tip on his tale. The farm owner’s son who was supposed to take him can’t and he needs a home. Just give it a day… You will LOVE him.

Well actually I think we thought he was a she at first. So we gave him a bath, 6 times I think, man did he stink. Over and over I washed him, and again……still smelled like farm and stink and the Herbal Essence just wouldn’t get the small off his fur. He was wet and there was nothing to him. Kitty Wompus barely fit in my hand. He couldn’t have been more than 5 weeks old if I had to guess. We blew dry him with the dryer and he loved it. Should have been my first sign that this guy was different.

Different. Different doesn’t cover it.

Kitty Wompus followed me everywhere, up the stairs, down the stairs, sat on my lap, slept around my head for almost 17 years. He made people love cats that I never thought possible. Even my dad, the most skeptical man to cats would love to come visit Kitty Wompus in Seymour. And my mom, Barbara Novak who is the LAST person on earth I thought would fall in love with a cat. She would call and say “how’s my Kitty Wompus today?”

I know everyone says they have the most loving animal in the world but I truly believe I did. I did for 17 amazing years. He was different. He made me feel like I was a mom. A real mom. Steve and I tried for years when we first got married to have kids. It just wasn’t in the cards. But after the first 5 I thought to myself, I am meant to be this cats mom. Sure I love Carter and Fearless also but Wompus was different.

Do you believe in reincarnation? I never thought I did. For the longest time I thought he was my grandfather Verlin, or at least his spirit cause he watched out for me so. He was always there. In some of the worst and darkest days of my life. He was there. He would sit with me, contemplating what to do, how to handle a situation, how to get over loss; from a job or a boyfriend, or a family member. Sit with me, lay with me, be with me. I can’t even imagine how many tears he dried over the years. It was a lot.

He was there in the good times too…so many to count. Kitty Wompus was let out by the neighbor, my family, and my husband by accident. He got stuck in a window when I was with my family once. Jeez that was a rough night……

There are so many memories that I honestly don’t know how to sort through them in my head. I don’t think I have fully processed that he is gone.

He passed over the rainbow bridge in Steve’s arms last night on the way back to the emergency vet between 7-8pm. Right in the front seat of my Jeep. He couldn’t breath, he just couldn’t and man was it hard. He just struggled so. His poor poor little kitty body had just had enough. He just couldn’t anymore.

These past few days quarantined in the house I have spent more time with him than in weeks. He was sleeping much more than normal and I think deep down I knew. We almost lost him in November and got 5 more months. My life will be forever altered because Kitty Wompus was in it. My life will be before, during, and after Kitty Wompus. When I tell stories or think of the timeline of my life that is how it will always be. The before seems like it was so empty, the during has been the wildest ride, and the after I have no idea how it will be….

I am broken to my core to the deepest part of my soul to a place I didn’t know existed, when I rolled over in bed an hour ago and he wasn’t there I just….

This picture was taken my first night in our new home in Seymour. July of 2017. I stayed in the empty house on a cot in the master bedroom with all 3 kitties so they could get used to the house before the movers came the next day with Steve. We shared a moment on the empty screen porch together that night. I think he thought….”finally I made it to my forever home, with fresh air, a backyard full of animals to watch and my mom!”

Yesterday was National Pet Day. I couldn’t help but find that ironic……. I will miss him until the day I pass and get to hold him again. Pets are such a piece of who we are as human beings. I for one have always been in deep love with all animals. I find them true, easy to love, and never full of fear unless you make them so… Human kind could learn a lot from a little kitty named Wompus!


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Kitty Wompus: A year has gone by and nothing has changed…

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