HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin!

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin!! We made it to TODAY! Last year our Governor Tony Evers shut down most of the state on St. Patrick’s Day. I remember it vividly. Our glue, our orange tabby named Cletus Carter had dental surgery. I went to pick him up and was subsequently informed to head back to work to shut it all down… Little did I know it was going to be for quite some time…

An Irish Whiskey to celebrate St. Patricks day.
Cheers with an Irish Whiskey called Green Spot from St. Brendan’s Inn in Green Bay, WI

A Little History

It’s hard to believe how far we have come as a community and as humanity. This year has been so challenging but parts have also been pretty amazing. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin!

The news of the virus took over all news media around the holidays last year. Everything around the globe was shutting down. Today we have new leadership in the US and 3 different vaccines that are available to our high risk population and soon to be ready for the masses!!! That’s a pretty incredible story if you think back and trace all of the steps.

Enough about Covid, lets TALK CELEBRATING! Are you Irish? Are you Irish today….LOL? Today is a day to celebrate Saint Patrick because he brought Christianity to Ireland many many years ago. If you want to read about the story of Saint Patrick I’ll put a few links up for you. You probally should because he was a pretty influential guy in his time.

I do love a great parade. I have lived in both NYC and Chicago and, believe me, I do miss all the fanfare! Chicago’s green river and both cities parades are an amazing sign of both spring and community in both places. I LOVED to celebrate with my friends in my younger years.

How We celebrated St. Patricks Day

This past Sunday H and I enjoyed an amazing lunch and some Bloody Mary’s at one of our favorite spots, St. Brendan’s Inn in Green Bay, WI. They have AMAZING traditional Irish dishes, an incredibly beautiful dining room, AND incredible spirits. We both had a “bloody” which I can normally not have but their’s are worth the heartburn. Its funny though, I did not get it. They not only look beautiful but also delicious. And because I am from Wisconsin I had to get a Spotted Cow chaser.

St Brendans famous bloody mary with a spotted cow chaser.  Perfect for St. Patricks day
St. Brendan’s famous Bloody Mary!

I had a rueben and H had the pot roast sandwich. We split them up to share and believe me, both were divine. It was the Sunday prior to St. Patricks day and they were staffed for the festivities. We were there pretty early which was great. H also had a black and tan which as close as he gets to pretending he is Irish.

St. Brendan’s has a great little spot right on the river, amazing food, superb ambiance, and it was clean as a whistle with all employees in masks. If you are looking for a “great escape” this spring you need to check them out and come to Green Bay. You won’t regret the stay or the fine friendships you will build at St. Brendan’s Inn(book online here)!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin and cheers to YOU WISCONSIN! May the luck of the Irish be with you today and all year! Stay safe and enjoy your version of the day’s celebrations. We do have MUCH to celebrate this year! That is for SURE!!


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HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day Wisconsin!

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