The Bottle Room for Vino in Suamico, Wisconsin!

A glass of wine
A delicious glass of Chardonnay

Has anyone else had the longest few weeks? I feel like I am on repeat….I start something, I make a list, I check it off, and somehow it eventually has to be done again. Then I’m right back where I started. I can’t seem to catch up! Yesterday I needed a pick me up so I texted one of my favorite people on earth and said….”are you in for some vino and dinner?” Of course she was like “heck ya lets do it.” I have been wanting to revisit the Bottle Room in Suamico, WI for ages. It was a great decision because it did not disappoint. It was exactly what we both needed after a long LONG day!

We arrived around 6:35pm late for a 6:30pm reservation. I always feel bad about being late but it was not packed. That made us both feel safe right away. The last time my husband and I were there it was wall to wall people, that of course was before the pandemic. In fact it was so busy we just left. The restaurant was dimly lite by candles and a fireplace which made me relax immediately. That is a feat, if you know me. Taking a breath right after being at work for the day is a challenge for me. To go from “go mode” to down time is always tough.

The Wine List

So what is so great about the Bottle Room? Well, to start the wine list is endless. Literally I think it’s 4-5 pages. I would have counted for you but I was exhausted. They have a limited chardonnay glass list. The one I had was amazing. My friend had a moscato and was also very pleased.

The Food

We shared some awesome appetizers. The stuffed mushrooms were divine. The BRUSCHETTA was OUT OF THIS WORLD! The cherry tomatoes on top literally GUSHED when I bit into them…… GUSHED, I have a tendency to exaggerate but that was not the case here. The artichoke dip was also great. It came with crunchy toasted dipping sticks that were also outstanding. We also ordered the chicken and pesto panini to share and it was really good too. It’s hard to impress on a panini right? But it was really very, very good.

Bruscheta at the Bottle Rooom
I lived in NYC for two years and this beats Little Italy! The bruschetta was UNREAL!!

The Ambience

We sat by the fireplace and talked and talked and talked. It was so good to catch up and just feel normal. It was quiet, clean and, the staff were all wearing masks and extremely friendly. Our service was prompt but not bothersome. They let us linger a little as the evening died down. All in all was the the most pleasant experience I have had in months!

THANK YOU BOTTLE ROOM in Suamico, WI for taking the stress out of both of our day’s and letting us feel pampered for an evening. We BOTH appreciate your kindness and great food! Keep up the amazingness! We will be back SOON!!

Toasting at the Bottle Room
Toasting with my Friend

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The Bottle Room for Vino in Suamico, Wisconsin!

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