Sunday Dinner!

Sunday Dinner’s of Years Past

What does Sunday dinner mean to you? Do you have a tradition that you uphold as a family? We always had Sunday dinner together while I was growing up. Oftentimes my family typically ate earlier than normal. Sometimes we ate as early as noon after a long morning at church. Even as a teen I remember Sunday dinner. The dreaded evening of homework ahead….yuck. I still get anxiety just thinking about it.

As I got older I moved around a lot. I lived in 4 different states before coming back to Wisconsin and I always missed having Sunday dinner with my family. Eventually I moved back and being able to spend time with family has really become a blessing. Being removed from everyone during Covid has been so hard.

Sunday Dinner of Today

Most of my family is already vaccinated so we are blessed to again be together. Today my husband and I were so looking forward to doing some hiking and an outside campfire / BBQ in the woods but the weather did not cooperate. I said to him this morning lets do Sunday dinner!! We ran around Green Bay, rushing like kids at Costco and Walmart. The jeep got filled with the necessities and we splurged on some Ribeye steaks, wine (my favorite chardonnay Fess Parker), and some new candles (the deal of a century always).

H has grilling steaks down, that is for sure. It’s always amazing and great to see family. Today seemed even more special. The day was gone so fast it’s hard to believe it’s already almost over. Isn’t it that when you are enjoying yourself or finally relaxed it just goes like hot cakes. I haven’t set a table in so long it felt good to do it.

The Takeaway

If there is one big lesson this past year has taught me it is to not take your blessings for granted. I have many and will not take that precious time for granted. I must admit that a lot of my life is spent working and I need to slow down a lot. But when I do slow down and turn my phone off for the day, I spend that time in the best way I know how, entertaining family and friends. There is nothing I love more than hearing people laughing while I’m in the kitchen preparing food, doing dishes or just mixing cocktails…..the echo of voices dances off our ceilings like in the movies.

Our home was built in 1925 and the high ceilings make laughter ring like a song! Hearing them today brought me to tears. It is always great to enjoy Sunday dinner with friends and family. Life is simple if we let it be….


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Sunday Dinner!

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