The times are a’changin’!

What a whirlwind just the past couple weeks have been…subzero temps, more snow, one of our first meals out locally in months, my second vaccination, and my first hug from my mom in just under a year… Breath!

I’m vaccinated!!!

Vacination Sensation
Vaccination Sensation

I received my first dose on February 19th and my second dose this last Friday. I felt a little run down and super tired after my second shot. Honestly though, that isn’t really different from the norm here. It’s hard to even believe it… It almost doesn’t feel real.


It was well organized, and honestly, it was super so easy. You can go to Prevea and start a profile, even if you aren’t a patient. I went to UWGB campus. Everything was well marked and they did an amazing job! Today I got to hug my mom safely! WOW! I cried!

Dinner Out

Thursday night we had dinner out. I can’t even believe it. It obviously had to be close to home and a supper club styled place. H and I are pretty “old school” when it comes to restaurants. I was dying for an Old Fashioned and a salad. We had dinner at the Colonial House in Freedom and the food was great!

I could tell walking in that H was hesitant and honestly so was I. A long day at work made me so tired and I just wanted to relax. I pretended not to be bothered in the least. We pulled in and saw 5 cars in the lot. That made us both relaxed right away. There where only two other parties at the bar. We basically had the entire side to ourselves. It felt strange to be out and enjoying each others company. Its crazy how life has changed so much in such a short time….

Last night more snow…

Walking in the Snow
Monday’s night snowfall was purely magical.

It’s just a few days til spring but we still got more snow. I must admit it is beautiful. Monday night we went out for a short stroll. Even though I am dreaming about warm weather the snow still captivates me… It’s so fresh and dreamy and makes the world glisten.

Snow Jeep in the Driveway
It blanketed the driveway in white glitter and was so pretty.


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The times are a’changin’!

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