Do you have the Februaries?

februaries are cold and snowy
Its so cold and snowy

It’s February 10th and I am stuck at home sitting on an ice pack because I was rushing to get too much done in too little time. I tripped in the basement over a small rug. It was just enough to force myself to land on my new bad leg. Thank goodness I was able to catch myself on the washing machine. I pulled multiple muscles to the point of almost tearing them in my “good leg”. The weather outside has also been so cold. I call these winter blues the Februaries. So when I’m done feeling sorry for myself I what to figure out what I can do to make life better?

Do you have the Februaries? Spring is 39 days and 6 hours away…. It might not feel like it but winter is on the home stretch. Soon you will be driving home from work with the top off the Jeep or the sunroof open. The sun will be lighting your way. So what can we do about the Februaries?

What can you do to change your mood? What can you plan to look forward to? How can you pick yourself up and get yourself out of the Februaries? I’ve created a list of things you can do to immediately help yourself cheer up and another that involves planning things to look forward to. Between the two, we will get though the Februaries together.

The Immediate Plan

  • Put on some great music! I love to listen to vinyl records. When I’m down I pretend I’m on stage with Stevie Nicks killin’ it with the tambourine. Needless to say we are having the time of our lives…
Amy flashing the peace sign while driving and playing the tambourine
I have my tambourine in my other hand.
  • Read a great book. I just finished “The Land” by Thomas Maltman. It was pretty dark and not typical for me but it had a great storyline. I gotta admit I did enjoy it.
  • Start a journal. I bought mine months ago but now I know it is time to to start filling it up.
a journal and a pen
Time for some recorded reflection
  • Stay hydrated. You need lots of H20 when it’s so dry out so drink like a fish and don’t forget your skin. My skin is so dry during this cold dark time. When I really need hydration I always go back to Josie Moran’s argon oil. It’s the BEST there is and your skin will glow again in just a day’s time. Coincidentally, she has a great box set of new scents available now for her 10 year anniversary at QVC .
  • Clean out your closet. I did a DEEP, DEEP dive into this during quarantine last year but, admittedly, I need to go back in and do more. It’s gone if I haven’t worn it since the last purge. There are plenty of woman that need clothes and can’t afford them so why hoard them? I also truly believe that how we dress has changed with Covid. I love to dress up but moving forward I will do it in a much more comfortable way. Life’s to short for uncomfortable clothing.
Bags of clothes
I had so many clothes I didn’t wear.
  • Buy a new fuzzy blanket or pillow. Being nice and warm during the winter is always a great feeling. I bought an amazing Sherpa comforter this year at Costco and it was the best money I spent all year. Every night it’s the most amazing thing to climb into ever……
  • Cook an amazingly warm and filling soup or stew. Nothing fights off the winter chill like great food. If you are looking for an idea I’d suggest my Pasta Fagioli.
Amy's pasta fagioli
My Pasta Fagioli. Really warms the body on a chili night.
  • Last but not least write some thank you notes or send out those Valentines. It feels really good to drop an “I LOVE YOU” in the mail. Your valentine will really appreciate getting it too. Sometimes you just need to spread some love and gratitude around the world.

Planning Ahead

  • Plan something fun and enjoy the outdoors. This coming weekend Sturgeon Bay hosts it’s annual Fire and Ice Festival. It’s mainly outside and it looks like a fun time. I also think it is supposed to warm up before the weekend. We may even hit double digits YEAH! Even with Covid, there are plenty of outdoor events to attend.
  • Plan your Easter Sunday festivities. It’s early this year. Hopefully this year it will be safe to enjoy family. Multiple family members and myself have already had round one of our Covid vaccinations so, hopefully, this Easter is ON!
  • Plan the garden and flower beds! I am going to do much more from seed this year and, as crazy as it sounds, I have already started planning my fall bulbs. I need another tulip board. I’m not sure where it’s going to go but I need to get on that ASAP. Last year I ordered from Colorblends. Their flowers were amazing and I will definitely be ordering again.
  • Plan out the summer holidays. I can’t wait to have family together again. We live in Seymour so Burger Fest in Seymour is a big deal. A Seymour man named Charlie did invent the hamburger. It is always a fun day for us. Pending unseen Covid complications, we decided we are going to “DO IT UP BIG TIME!” this year.

How we look at life is a choice…. We can be down for days or we can decide that we are in charge and either make a change or a simple list that gets rid of the FEBRUARIES.

Good Vibes SIgn
This is in my kitchen to keep me positive

  1. Allen Novak says:

    OUTSTANDING! Best advice for sure. You have
    made us feel better already. We love your blog.

    • Amy Heindl says:

      Glad I could make you feel better that 100% was the intention. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have an awesome day! The sun is shining!

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Do you have the Februaries?

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