What is a garage party?

You you know you’re from Wisconsin when you have attended a garage party. You know you love your family when you have had a garage party in the middle of winter in a garage that is not heated LOL!

Social distancing Wisconsin style! Happy Sunday! We miss you!

I miss my family so much. I had to call today and ask them to come and hang out. We have to social distance because my husband and I are exposed daily to hundreds of people so a garage party was the only option.

So garage party it is in the middle of January, during a cloudy Sunday in the middle of a pandemic!

You know you love your family when you sit in the cold and try to make it fun!

Cheers to HOPE and a brighter future after Covid. 6′ cocktails!

So what is a garage party? It’s when you get together and enjoy food, cocktails and family in the garage. They are typically had in the spring time before it’s nice enough to fully be outside or you don’t have the deck or patio furniture out yet. A garage party is a celebration. Being outside is part of your soul if you live here and the cold doesn’t usually keep us from enjoying the outdoors.

We had a great meal, cocktails, and talked a lot of politics. Planned summer getaway’s, made plans for after vaccination, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Thanksgiving paper plates, Christmas cocktail napkins and summer party plastic forks seemed fitting!!! What a mess this pandemic is.

I miss Friday fish fry, impromptu visits from both our parents, sitting in church, going to the movies. The list is endless. Most of all I miss calling my mom on the way in to work and asking, “do you want to meet up for dinner tonight? I can try to sneak out a little early and meet you guys at the house by six.” I miss pulling in to their Cadillac sitting in the driveway and being chauffeured by my father to dinner while I sit in the backseat holding my mom’s hand.

Those little things……….Covid has taken away!

We send you peace and good vibes Wisconsin! Make the best of whatever life is throwing you. I always try to remember it can always be worse. We have each other!

Make the most of this winter season. Plan some outdoor activities. Get moving. Don’t let the cloudy days get you down. You are a Sconnie, remember that. Don’t let the “political air”, the cloudy days and the pandemic rule your year! The sun will shine again, hope is here, count your blessings! Make a list of everything you have today that you did NOT have or wished for 10 years ago……it will make you appreciate today!

YOU bring light every single day if you simply want to. It’s as easy as a smile instead of a frown. Be a light in the dark…….a little light goes a long way on a gloomy day!!!

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What is a garage party?

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