Top 10 ways to get to SPRING!!

A cool swim on a summer day
  1. Plan your summer vacation! DO NOT WAIT! Where are you going? Did you already book it? Set your financial goal for the trip. Are you going to drop 10 pounds before summer to get into those favorite shorts again this year? Plan it out. The warm weather always seems to comes faster if you make a plan. You also have something to look forward too.
  2. Plan a weekend getaway or “special day” each month until May. Maybe it’s a trip up Door County. Maybe a journey to Waupaca and/or Steven’s Point to hit some antique shops, a journey to Wollersheim Winery for some great wine….. The ideas are endless. I prefer a weekend jaunt to Minocqua for some hiking, antiquing, wining, supper club dining, and just enjoying the snow.
  3. Clean something out. It could be a closet, the garage, the pantry… It’s time to make room.
  4. Start a collection. Force flower bulbs this spring or build an herb garden. Get a run on spring. Force it early.
  5. Plan some menu’s. What have you always wanted to make? Make it!
  6. Pay something off. A credit card, a bill for pet care, an extra payment on your Jeep. You always feel accomplished when you go the extra mile.
  7. Have an outside social distance party. Start a bonfire in the snow, make hotdogs, have hot chocolate, and/or hot toddies. The winter is beautiful. Lets face it faux fur is fabulous!
  8. Paint a room, change the decor in the kitchen, add a new rug, get a new clock……… Change something and make a room new again.
  9. Send a thank you, write a letter, read a book or two, or play a board game. Start a journey of 2021
  10. LASTLY, sleep! Make sure you get enough rest because the vaccine is coming THIS YEAR. It’s time to make up for last summer. You get to spend time with family. Memorial Day means a BBQ, the 4th means fireworks, and you are headed on a family vacation this summer…………….your gonna need the rest LOL!

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Top 10 ways to get to SPRING!!

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