Today time seems to stand still…

Today time seems to have stood still. As I wake up and look out the window it seems like even the sky is mourning. There is a hazy sadness in the air, and then just like that it started to snow as if she is sending a blanket to comfort the world. I have no idea where two years have gone. Miranda, was one of the strongest people I have ever known and also the funniest and most genuine.

Steve and I met in 2002 and shortly after, I met his family. From the first day I met them all they treated me like I was part of the family. That’s the thing about being a Heindl that you never truly understand until you are one…..everyone is welcome, un-judged and part of the family. You can come late, with your pants half on, tired, without a dish to pass and they still welcome you with open arms.

I took this picture of Miranda on one of the biggest days of her life, her bridal shower. I picked her up that morning and we went to get her make up done which was “not a Miranda thing to do” but I wanted her to feel pampered that day. She wasn’t the type of girl to be “fussed” over but fuss I did.

Steve and I spent almost every Friday night with Mandy and John when we first started dating. The four of us where inseparable for almost 10 years. We would meet up or pick them up for Friday fish or a burger, end up dancing on the bar with Boomer and his crew in Kaukauna and tell stories all night long. Well they would tell stories, I would listen mostly. Miranda knew everything about NASCAR, baseball, football and then some and so did the boys…, not so much.

After getting to know each other better we spent time planning our weddings and our futures with these crazy two guys, Lurch and who you all know as Big H! Saturday nights where the same mostly, but most of the time at our house, on the deck on Quincy Street, Emilie Street, or Madison Street. We would spark the grill and enjoy the summer weather and flowers or spend the afternoon watching football in winter.

We went camping at least 3 times a season and those adventures I will always cherish. We had life threatening episodes with foggier spray and would make pudgie pies that would make you blush. Dancing on picnic tables, floating in the lake, writing down weird and inappropriate sayings on paper plates we still have to mark the event in history each time. To be said simply…. we had the time of our lives!!

Then I got the honor of helping her pick out her wedding gown. I remember that day vividly. She came out in the first one and was like……”it’s pretty, I think this is fine!” I in the nicest way possible was like……”no Miranda your not buying the first thing you put on to just get this process over with, LOL”…..we went through 6 at least and settled on what made her feel as beautiful as ever!! She was a gorgeous bride. That I remember vividly also. Corseting up her gown, settling her down over a shot, and getting her down the aisle was a little harder than I thought it would be. She was nervous but once she saw Johnnie it was like all the nerves just went away.

They where the perfect couple. Cancer changes things. It takes things away……it turns people into something they are not or were not before. I will cherish all these memories and many many more forever. You where my best friend for well over 10 years and helped me through some really hard times and where there beside me to celebrate some of my life’s best.

I promise to never root for the Cubs or the Vikings and will never EVER use fogger spray again…….


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Today time seems to stand still…

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