Fallen Timbers

Fallen Timbers Environmental Center is a nature area between Black Creek and Seymour, WI. It has several miles of trails to hike. This environmental center is owned by six school districts and operated by C.E.S.A. 6. According to C.E.S.A. 6, it’s goal is to facilitate hands on outdoor education that helps students realize the dependance of people on the environment.

Fallen Timbers Nature Center
We can’t wait to some day be there while the center is open and explore inside.

“Fallen Timber’s mission is to provide a unique and experiential outdoor environmental learning opportunities for our visitors that are powerful enough to impact their world views and inspire them to become stewards of our planet and one another.”


The trail system at Fallen Timbers is open to the public to hike outside school hours. Unfortunately the nature center, itself, is currently closed to the public because of Covid-19. This place is pure joy!

What is Rime Ice?

Rime ice forms when supercooled water liquid droplets freeze onto surfaces. There are 3 types of rime ice: soft rime, hard rime, and clear ice.


The Trails and Our Hike

This past Sunday my husband and I hiked the trails there. It was quite foggy and the trees were all covered in rime ice. It was beautiful. The trail system is still in pretty good shape with the snow. I would however, recommend trekking poles because the footing in the snow can be a bit sketchy. I’ve included a trail map for those of you who would like to visit.

Map of Fallen Timbers trails
Fallen Timbers Trail Map

The trail map is posted above. H has been here as a child with school functions, but my first visit was this past spring at the beginning of quarantine. A large portion of the area is natural wet lands. I’m sure the bugs would be terrible in late spring and summer. However, the winter, fall, and early spring are amazing. There are boardwalk path systems all throughout the wetland area. There is an amazing and diverse bird population. We saw signs of deer and hope to some day see some of them while we are hiking.

Trail Marker at fallen timbers
The trails are so well marked it makes exploring so much fun!
Sign for the Aspen Trail at fallen timbers
We usually start here on the Aspen trail.
Path through the woods at fallen timbers
It leads to a beautiful prairie that is gorgeous any time of year!

There is spot for a campfire and a few little “huts” to rest and enjoy a picnic. There is so much to explore. We have yet to see it all.

Volunteering at Fallen Timbers

The Friends of Fallen Timbers is an organization that hosts events at Fallen Timbers and is always looking for volunteers. They host multiple events each year to support the 16,000 students and teachers that visit yearly for outdoor education programs. Here is a page of current volunteer activities that currently need to be filled. You can volunteer by contacting the office.

hut in the snow at fallen timbers
Our spot to enjoy a bottled water or just enjoy the forest! This particular morning nature showed us her glory all dressed in icy dew and fresh snow.

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Fallen Timbers

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