How to choose your path?

How do you choose your path daily? This December is the hardest I remember as an adult. The holidays don’t have the same zest they have had in past years. How do choose which way you go?

This dark cloud above us all year long has been filled with so much hardship. Job loss, unemployment, a virus that is taking over the world, lose of life, anxiety, fear, hunger, racism, political unrest, separation of our country by party and belief. The list is so long to even start listing it makes me sad.

How do you choose YOUR path? How do you choose to follow or to lead? Do you lead by example and bring light into the world or do you follow and allow those around you to bring you down or steer you to dark? It’s so easy to follow and walk in darkness. Easy to follow and be negative. Allow the cynicism that is our reality bring you down to a place that is either hard to or impossible to crawl out of. How do you ever see the light again?

December is and should always be a time of joy and peace. How do we bring that to our homes, our families, our workplace, our daily life? I find that I ask myself this question daily. How do I bring positive light to my workplace, my family, my home? The answer is different for us all.

The question is, do you have the strength and if you do, are you willing to do it? The question also remains if you don’t how will you ever dig yourself out of the unhappiness and anxiety that remains?

The solution can be very easy if you let it. Do ONE good thing for one person today. Then do it again tomorrow and again and so on. Then maybe the next day do two…………it can be simple. Ask them how they are? And then listen for the answer.

This is my huge opportunity to listen more. I find myself so busy in my daily work that I don’t feel I can carve out the time to listen more. That is the most important part! Smile (they can see your eyes glisten above your mask). Be genuine and be patient. And when your not try again.

We are so imperfect as humans. We have so many flaws. But we also have so many things to offer. If we simply try. Give back by giving just of yourself as that is all that most of us have to give today. Kindness goes a long way.

Joy will come when you find peace! Peace will come when we stop fighting and start giving. I remind myself of this also every day. It gets me out of bed and through my day.

May the season of giving bring you joy and peace!!! Choose your path wisely for the one we walk we always walk alone. But remember that if you choose the wrong one, you can always, always turn around!


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How to choose your path?

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